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I am SO excited about sales right now.

You can find amazing boots, pumps, jackets, bags on MAJOR sale.

So, please … take advantage.

Here are some of my most recent fab finds!!

And, big news in the Busbee house! Watch the video above to find out what milestone we reached.

Be sure to watch until the end, to see my multi-tasking daughter.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!


20% Off Sale Items. No Code Needed.

Loving the flared jeans (one pair also comes in petite).

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Wish I could afford the Saint Laurent bag… WOW!

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Date Night Dresses & Caftans on the brain. LOVING the black and white striped dress!!!

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Fall Boots! Up to 60% Off. No Code Needed.


Email me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much!! Erin xo



Be sure to Watch the Fall Fashion Trends Video, HERE

My Recent Finds From NordstromCLICK HERE

CLICK HERE To Learn How To Wear a Ball Gown or Full Maxi Skirt

*Thank you for shopping through my links. I earn a small amount of revenue for each of your purchases, even if it’s not the exact product suggested. This enables me to continue providing free content. Your support means so much!! Erin xo


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2 thoughts on “BusbeeStyle Sale Email \\ VLOG VIDEO

  1. I loved the whole video! 🙂 You look so pretty , even when you first wake up! No fair! hahaha I love your messy closet.. Makes me feel better.. And,thank you for inspiring me to work out , again.. I have been very lazy, lately. Congratulations to Bitty, for her accomplishment into big girl panties ! And to Gage , for dressing himself. He IS getting tall!! Your 2 little angels are so precious and adorable. I just want to give them both big hugs!! Bitty singing Dido was priceless! She has a very good little voice, too. Does she really eat all that food?! My oldest grandson ,Zareth, who is now 7(!!), is so picky, and always has been ,but his little brother, Nehem who is now 4,,eats everything, almost. I think the littlest guy , Nesher , who is now 1, is going to be a great eate , too! Awwww…It brought tears to my eyes, watching Bitty run through your house, and asking you to chase her.. My Natalie(who is now 27(!!), looked so much like her, at that age, and used to ask me the same thing all the time! How I miss those times.. sob sob.. Anyway.. time does go on.. actually I believe it really does fly! I could watch videos of you and your sweet family ALL day!! 😉 Thanks again for all your information ,and letting us see into your wonderful world, Erin! Love you, Jill xxxooo (I am sending you a pic of little Nehem, who fell almost 2 weeks ago, off of a rmonkey bars. :'(… He broke his wrist, and dislocated his elbow.). He is doing fine… so far Ilise, (my older daughter, and his Momma), said she has to struggle to keep him from jumping around and climbing..Still has several more weeks in the cast.. Such a brave little guy. my sweetie pie.. All 3 are my sweeties. <3 <3 <3 I added some extra pics… Of all 3 together.. and In the blue hat w/white writing, and in ET shirt is Ilise, In blue hat and glasses is Natalie.. and group pic at end is my son, Luke, and his wife Nancy and the 3 little guys.. 🙂

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