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The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… these jeans by RtA  | Neiman Marcus, $199!

I only recently discovered this brand, RtA, which stands for “Road To Awe.” According to Harpers Bazaar, the designers’ mission was to get back to basics, and design denim that will stand the test of time. I’m not sure where ‘distressing’ will be in a few years, but I definitely appreciate the use of old-school, traditional denim (no stretch). It means these jeans not only retain their shape, they hold stuff in.


– I Love the Zippers

I’ve never seen jeans with wrap around zipper detailing. It’s edgy and cool. I think the zipper by the ankle is a great touch too!


I like that there is some distressing, but not a ton of it. I also really love the distressing at the bottom. You can see it in the close up shots above.

 – Real Denim

You know how some jeans stretch so much that you have to wash them every time you wear them…? Well, that is NOT the case with these. They are made more with a more traditional denim that retains its shape.

 – Mid-Rise

This mom prefers high-rise jeans, but I’ll take mid-rise too. Low rise jeans are no longer a possibility with kiddos and loose baby skin.

 – Versatility

You can wear anything with jeans, blazer, sweaters, button downs, blouses, tanks, tees, jackets, etc.

 – Styling Notes

Wear with pointed toe pumps or booties for a leg lengthening, dressy, sexy look. I only had these lace-up heels in Colorado, which I love, but I probably would have reached for the pumps first.



Jeans \\ Neiman Marcus \\ CLICK HERE

Heels \\ Elaine Turner \\ CLICK HERE

White Top \\ Loft \\ CLICK HERE


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Sunglasses \\ Asos \\ CLICK HERE




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5 thoughts on “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week \\ RtA Jeans

    1. They are expensive. NO doubt about it, BUT… I think great jeans are worth every penny. I wear mine once a week at least for at least a year. When you average it out… it’s not bad. 😉 That said, I would only pay a lot for jeans I really LOVE and feel great in. Once you find them, scoop them up! Erin xo

    1. Audrey… Yikes, they are actually $285. I made a mistake. So sorry! I’ll keep you posted on sales. I know that is PRICEY for a pair of jeans! Erin xo

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