Color Trend: Yellow | In Arches National Park, Moab, Utah


Color Trend, Yellow, bright yellow, maxi dress

Color Trend, Yellow, Bright Yellow, How to wear yellow

Color Trend, yellow, bright yellow, round sunglasses, moab utah

Color Trend, yellow, moab, utah, arches national park

Color Trend, yellow, round sunglasses, 70's look

Color trend, yellow, moab, utah, arches national park

Color Trend, Yellow, Moab, Utah, Arches National Park, red rock

Color Trend, Yellow, bright yellow, moab, utah, arches national park, yellow maxi dress

Color Trend, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Maxi Dress

Color Trend, Yellow, moab, utah, arches national park

Color Trend, yellow, bright yellow, maxi dress, pleated dress, moab, utah, arches national park


Color Trend | Yellow

Color Trend | Yellow…this bright, lemon-y yellow shade is such a gorgeous color.
And, yet so many of us are scared to wear it.

I’ve heard many women say, I can’t wear yellow…
But, are you sure?? Have you tried it?

And, even if you don’t love the color by your face,
You can always wear yellow sandals or carry a yellow handbag.
It can add a gorgeous pop of color to your look! 

This dress from Asos is now only available in pale blue, 
But, you can keep scrolling to see all of my YELLOW picks!!
I include handbags, sandals, sunglasses, earrings, etc.


Now, we must discuss this shoot location.
This is Arches National Park in Moab, Utah
And, quite possibly one of the most unique and amazing places on earth.
The red rocks and sand against the bright blue sky… MAGIC.

These might be my all-time favorite pictures.
Special thanks to my family for getting up at sunrise with me so I could take these (above)…
(Not an easy feat with a 4 and 7 year old.)

Moab, Utah, ATV Tour, Erin Busbee, Salomen hiking shoes

Moab, Utah, ATV tour

Moab, Utah, ATV tour, hiking shoes, trail runners, salomen speedcross 3



We took a self-drive sunset ATV tour with Moab Tourism Center,
It was pretty intense.

At one point, both Chris and I could feel the front wheels of the vehicle coming off the rock,
on the steeper pitches.

But, the views were absolutely spectacular…
And, it was overall pretty thrilling!

We also took a river rafting trip with Canyon Voyages down the Colorado River.
We took Bitty (who is 4)… so it’s not too intense. 
Although Chris did get tossed like a ping pong ball into the back of the raft. 

The food was surprisingly great in Moab, with plenty of healthy options.

We only spent two days in Moab, but we easily could have spent a few more.
There are so many hikes and amazing things to see and do.


The easiest thing to do is stay at one of the Best Westerns. 
Like the very centrally located ‘Canyonlands‘ BW.
If you are looking for higher end, try Sorrel River Ranch,
But this hotel is definitely off the beaten path. (as you’ll see on the website). 


We really were surprised by how much we loved the food in Moab.
Miguel’s Baja Grill had FAST service and truly wonderful, fresh food.
They even had healthy eating options like a ‘green’ shake with spinach! 


Below are my yellow picks. 
Think about adding pops of this bold color to your looks.
It is a real standout!



Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    1. Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate the kind words. I shot two more dresses here that I can’t wait to share… Erin xo

  1. Love the photos as well as the beautiful dress. What a spectacular part of the country. Thanks for sharing photos as well as great fashion!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I REALLY appreciate your support, Virginia! Erin xo

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