What Every College Kid Needs For Their Dorm – 12 Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Room Essentials ON SALE

Do you have a loved one heading to college this fall? If so, this is the post for you! I’m getting ready to send my youngest son off for his freshman year in just a few weeks (cue the sad songs) and my hubs and I will actually become empty-nesters (cue the confetti). Now that my eldest son is soon to be a college junior, I’ve learned a few things about what kids actually need in their dorm rooms and even more importantly…what they don’t! Here are the dorm room essentials I recommend AND most are available for Amazon PRIME DAY sale pricing!

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YES They NEED This

This may seem like a "luxury" item, but I promise you it isn't. Dorm room mattresses are thin, uncomfortable, did I mention thin? They will need a mattress topper to get a good night's sleep. This one is on-sale, comes in Twin XL and gets great reviews!

Extra Long Power Cord

You knew they needed a power strip but make sure you get one with an extra-long cord since there are typically very few outlets in dorm rooms. This one has USB and flat plug outlets.

100% Cotton Sheets

Whether it's too hot or too cold, your college kiddo will need sheets that are "just right". This sheet set is 100% organic cotton, super soft, available in Twin XL (in a bunch of colors!)...and it's under $35. They also have deep pockets, so they'll have no trouble getting the fitted sheet around the mattress topper in #1!

Must Have For Packing

I initially wasn't sure what the hype was all about with these bags...but now I get it. They fit a TON of stuff, they are very lightweight, and they break down flat so they take up no room at all. These really are a must-have!

Keep 'Em Caffeinated

I've yet to meet a college kid that didn't want, need, and survive-on coffee. This single-serving Keurig is the perfect size for a dorm room and even has an iced coffee feature. The hot water on demand works for tea and oatmeal too!

Collapsible Laundry Basket

There is very little space in most dorm rooms so anything that can be tucked away and stored, should be. This laundry tote doubles as a hamper and collapses flat when not in use. It comes in 5 color options.

Don't Mix-Up Towels!

I would recommend buying towels that aren't a solid grey because it seems that is what everyone else has and mixing up towels, well...that is no bueno! This towel set has a subtle pattern, and they are also quick-dry AND 100% cotton. The set comes in 6 colors.

Shower Caddy

They'll need a shower caddy that can get wet and holds a bunch of stuff. This mesh one has lasted 2 years and is still going strong! It cleans easily, dries quickly, and it's under $15.

Stay Healthy

If your kiddo has allergies this air purifier might be just what they need. It also helps eliminate odors. Whatever you would imagine a boy's dorm room to smell like...is exactly how it smells.

BEST Study Tool

Dorm rooms and halls can be loud which isn't ideal for studying. These noise-cancelling earbuds were my son's best friend. They really are a "must-have" not a "nice to have" item and worth every penny!

Don't Forget Hangers

These are super thin so you can fit a lot of them in those teeny, tiny wardrobes. The no-slip velvet is a bonus!

Gotta Have Some Fun

So when your college student isn't studying, it's nice for them to give those earbuds a break and listen to music while hanging out with friends. This is definitely a bonus item, but one they are certain to love.
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2 thoughts on “What Every College Kid Needs For Their Dorm – 12 Dorm Room Essentials

  1. Very good article!! But don’t forget a large tote lock box because you need them for your valuables. People do steal in college!! Unfortunately!!! Also write or stamp all items even socks!!!all undergarments!!! All these were hard learned lessons!!! Been here and done that!!! Also the child must have a phone with unlimited talk and text!! You’ll be sorry if you don’t!!!!!

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