What To Wear Hiking: Your Guide To Chic, Essential Hiking Gear

Complete Hiking Outfit & Hiking Essentials

Who is a hiking lover like me??? I think hiking is not only an amazing workout, but it’s a wonderful way to connect with nature and clear your mind. I try to take every Friday off during the summer to go on hikes with my family or friends. We moved to Telluride, Colorado in order to live a more outdoorsy lifestyle so it almost feels criminal not to get out and enjoy the San Juans! Plus, I like to pretend I’m Maria from “The Sound of Music.” 😉 Doesn’t everyone?? I’ve been in love with hiking ever since we started coming to Telluride… about 10 years ago, and there are quite a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that I think will help YOU for your upcoming mountain adventures. Find my hiking essentials below. Plus, some super helpful tips on the best hiking shoes, how to stay hydrated, and more!

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Stay Sun-Safe

Depending on what trail and where you’re hiking, you may need some extra sun protection. Plan to at least take a hat in case you’re in the sun for an extended period of time. This Sweaty Betty hat also comes in black and it’s reflective in case you’re also a nighttime runner. You could also wear a visor if that’s more your style!

Outfit Must-Have: Supportive Sports Bra

Having a cute, matching set for hiking isn’t necessarily a necessity but I always feel so much better and more motivated when I’m wearing a cute sports bra and matching leggings. This bra by Outdoor Voices is longer so if you wear it with high-waisted leggings, not much skin will show! It’s seamless, supportive, and breathable. I love to hike in leggings and a sports bra like this but if you’re not comfortable with that, pick up a matching tank like #3…

Outfit Must-Have: Cute Tank Top

This Zella tank pairs perfectly with the Outdoor Voices set. It’s a drapey high-low style so your booty will be covered in your leggings if that’s something you’re worried about. It’s also super lightweight, breathable, and comes in three other colors.

Hydration Pack

Next, you’ll need to stay hydrated! It’s a no-brainer but I’ve found the most convenient way to take water on your hike and remain hands-free…a Camelbak hydration pack. I have the “Charm” version of the backpack and love how small and lightweight it is. I also linked the HydroBak which has a lot of great reviews and comes in multiple colors. One major tip is to get a water bag that has a slider top (#7) instead of the screw-on closure to prevent leaking.

Outfit Must-Have: Stylish Leggings

To complete your killer hiking outfit, wear your favorite pair of leggings. I love the color combo of these ombré Outdoor Voices leggings but you could easily throw on your favorite black leggings and build your outfit around those.

Salomon Hiking Shoes

The number one must-have is great hiking shoes. Salomon makes THE BEST! And, I mean … BEST. They are lightweight, and have SO much traction, which is essential when you’re hiking! I have the older version of the Speedcross trail runners and love them…and they have TONS of options to choose from. I ran a mountain race in my Salomon shoes as well, so they are also awesome for trail running.

Slider-Top Water Pack

Here’s that water pouch I told you about…I’ve tried a lot of hydration packs and water pouches so believe me when I say that the slider top is the best! The screw-on tops leaked a ton and drive me insane. SLIDER TOP ONLY.

What Everyone Forgets…

People remember the hat and the sunglasses but what’s often forgotten is sunscreen! Make sure you put sunscreen on your face and body before heading out for a hike!

Extra Sun Protection

Sunglasses will help keep your eyes and some of your face protected from the sun. But they can also help bring the look together.

Don’t Forgot!

Lastly, make sure you bring a rain jacket! Especially in Colorado, we get a lot of storms during the summer… especially during monsoon season. You may be at 10,000 feet and all of a sudden, the sky turns black and it starts pouring. That is REALLY scary and best to avoid if possible…BUT, when it does start pouring, just pull out your rain jacket. I love this one by The North Face because it’s lightweight and has a hood! It’s also packable so you can throw it into a backpack instead of wearing it around your waist! The ability to cinch your hood is also a big deal. If you’ve ever been caught in a mountain storm, you’ll understand.
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  3. Ok I love leggings when I’m trail running but not so much when I’m hiking, Hiking I tend to track through more Brush and we sit down more for breaks on logs and Rocks so I like the durability of HIKING pants. ugh theY can be kind of well ugly utilitarian. But I found the taureen pant by ReI it’s a skinny style Trouser looking pant in really cute colors a peppercorn a charcoal, navy and an olive green.

    1. SO awesome…thanks for sharing these with us!! I sometimes wear shorts with tall socks or longer leggings if I’m on tight trails. Erin xo

  4. great post and beautiful pictures (as always) 🙂 I love my Salomon Trail running shoes as well! But for more intense hiking in the mountains, when the ground is uneven and/or there are steep passages I prefer wearing hiking boots that cover and support the ankle. Additionally to wearing lots of sunscreen I always wear a tee that covers my shoulders. That also helps to prevent rubbing from the backpack straps.
    I’d love to see more Hiking/outdoor sports fashion content from you!

    1. Yes…sunscreen is a MUST!! Especially at altitude. And, I totally get the desire for ankle support. I feel like if I’m wearing the boots, they add 10 pounds to my feet. 😉 That’s why I prefer my lightweight trail runners.

  5. GREAT ARTICLE! I LOVE HIKING, TOO & HAVE JUST A FEW THINGS TO ADD. These aren’t “outfit” related but have saved me in the past:
    ~ a small Sandwich bag with some kleenex in it (for peeing emergenCies). RememBer to put your used tissues back in the resEalable Bag to carry away with you and throw away later – no littering 🙂

  6. I just wanted to let you know you look more gorgeous now than ever! Whatever you are doing girl, keep it up!!!

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