My Honest Review Of The Simplehuman Mirror – Do You Need It?

About 3 years ago, my family and I were at a school carnival. My husband looked at me with a little side-eye and grin and I was thinking, “Wow, I guess I look pretty good today”. No, that wasn’t it. He then asks me to hold still and says, “You aren’t going to like this”. He proceeds to pluck from my chin, a rather long(ish) blonde … whisker. Mortifying. Soon after, I began my search for a magnification mirror. Can you blame me? Surprisingly, there is a lot to consider.

Since then, 4 magnifying mirrors have taken residence on my bathroom vanity. Yes, 4. So, let me save you the trouble and share the best of the best.  This way, your days can be whisker-free!  There are just some things you can’t un-see. I’m sharing my honest review of the Simplehuman mirror.  Specifically, the 8-inch light sensor model. Spoiler alert, you might want to say “see ya” to your current mirror situation.

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The One Thing Your Bathroom Needs NOW

While there are many Simplehuman mirror varieties and sizes, my personal favorite is this 8-inch sensor. I did try a smaller version of this mirror and it didn’t work for me. I want a mirror that is large enough to see the whole canvas 😉 The 8-inch sensor mirror is the right size and the base is not so large (like other models) that I had to give up valuable bathroom counter real estate. Win win. I know this mirror is pricey and that’s why I tried other brands and more cost-effective options. But I didn’t find the quality of the lighting and durability of the base to be as good as the simple human mirror.
At first, the sensor seemed a little overly sensitive. I didn’t want the light to automatically come on every time I was at my sink. It took a few times to find the perfect placement of the mirror so that the sensor is triggered only when I need it. And now it’s perfect. But, if you prefer to not engage the sensor, then just turn that off and use the touch control for on/off settings.

honest review of simplehuman mirror, magnification mirror, light up mirror, make-up mirror


This mirror offers 5x magnification. Take it from me, you need 5x magnification. If you are a 40+ woman, you need to see the details. I promise it gets easier. The first time is kind of like ripping off a band-aid, but the more you can see, the more you know! Magnification is key for grooming eyebrows, precision with eyeliner and other makeup applications, and really seeing the quality of your skin to know how to care for it best. There are other versions of this mirror with up to 10x magnification, but honestly, I didn’t love that.

review of the simplehuman mirror, magnification mirror, light up mirror, makeup mirror, women over 40 facial mirror


The mirror has 2 different light settings. One simulates natural sunlight while the other is more of a candlelight or low light setting. Both are useful for different reasons. It’s helpful to check your foundation coverage in varying light. The quality is truly second to none. It also features a touch control brightness setting (hallelujah!) so you can tone up or tone down the illumination. The long-lasting LED lights will last for years. The mirror angle is adjustable.

review of the simplehuman mirror, simplehuman mirror review, magnification mirror, light up mirror, makeup mirror, women over 40 facial mirror

Convenient and Pretty

Having a cordless mirror–this is a big one for me. If I have to unplug my electric toothbrush and hairdryer every time I use it, I just won’t. This model is cordless and rechargeable with an included USB cord. The charge lasts for me about 6 weeks. Pretty great! Last but certainly not least, this model comes in 3 different finishes, brushed Nickle, pink and rose gold. It had me at rose gold. It’s so pretty. And, shouldn’t everything in the bathroom that CAN be pretty BE pretty?

What if your bathroom needs more than just a magnification mirror? For some tips on a bathroom refresh, check out this post. If you have found a mirror that is your holy grail, please share in the comments.
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