How To Style Rompers… Yes, You CAN Wear a Romper Over 40!

How to Style Rompers Over 40

If you are wondering, “Am I too old for rompers? or Can I wear rompers over 40?” …then this post is for you! The short answer is… “Hell, yes!” Styling a romper is tricky. No doubt about it. But, I’m going to help you rock your romper with confidence. If you’re interested in how to wear a romper over 40, you’ll find all of my KEY styling tips below…

Remember, only try or wear what you are comfortable and confident wearing. If rompers aren’t your thing, no big deal. But I recently found one I think you will all love…

How to Style Rompers Over 40


Flattering Romper Over 40

Did you see my recent post on what I wore to Africa? I shared everything I packed, what I wore each day, and a packing list in case you’re interested or planning a trip to Africa too. One of the pieces I took was this super chic olive green utility-style romper by Simkhai! I love the cinched waist, oversized lapels, and capped sleeves. I kept it simple and wore a pair of Madewell slide-on sandals that are really comfortable and a great shoe to have in your closet this summer. The belt bag I’m carrying is from Banana Republic and was perfect for carrying the essentials and being hands-free. The exact one is unfortunately sold out, but I linked a similar option above. I completed the look with a pair of Celine sunglasses.

This romper is so flattering because of the cinched waist. That’s key when wearing a romper. Look for rompers with tie-waist details, a wrap style, or ruching around the stomach for the most flattering fit (for all body types!). This romper is on the shorter side, which is fine for petite women (I’m 5’4”) but something to keep in mind. The next romper might be better for you if you’re taller…

rompers over 40

romper fashion over 40casual rompers over 40


How To Style Rompers

The first romper is a littler dressier and fashion-forward. So if you’re not sure about the whole romper thing, try something super casual like this one by Lovers + Friends. You can wear it around the house to get an idea of how you feel in it! The one I’m wearing above is SO comfortable, I could literally sleep in it. It’s like a comfortable t-shirt and shorts combo that you own in romper form. The drawstring is also key, playing double duty: 1) defining the waist and 2) allowing you to control the size. I’m wearing it with some simple and chic accessories like these aviator sunglasses, my favorite gold jewelry (all linked above), and super comfortable espadrille wedges by Kenneth Cole. You can see more of my favorite summer shoes & accessories in this post. Now on to my tips for how to wear a romper over 40…

gray lovers + friends romper

Tip 1) Wear With Confidence

Only wear the romper if you feel confident and pretty! When you have confidence, you look and feel better. 

Tip 2) Size Up

Depending on the romper you’re buying, you might want to size up. I always say to buy clothes that fit you. But if you’re trying out a romper for the first time, and you’re worried about how it will fit and feel, buy a size up. You would rather have it a little loose than skin tight…especially in the legs. The roomy legs will make your legs look leaner.

how to style rompers for summerhow to style rompers, rompers over 40, kenneth cole summer espadrille wedge sandals for summer

Tip 3) Inseam Length

Look at the inseam. If you’re used to buying shorts with a 3-inch inseam, look for a romper with a 3-inch inseam. If you own shorts that you think are too short for you now, look at the inseam and find a romper that has a longer length or inseam. This way you know you’re getting a length you’re comfortable with! Many rompers run SHORT which makes them an awesome option if you are petite.

4) Shoe Choice

Wearing heels or wedges will make your legs look longer. Choose a skin-colored tone to really elongate your legs. If you’re interested in more ways to look taller and slimmer, check out this post. Plus, I shared all of my top petite style tricks here.

gray romper

5) Check Yourself Out

I suggest this with any outfit…make sure you look at yourself in the mirror from ALL angles. Just because a romper is super cute from the front, doesn’t mean it will look as nice from the back! Check out the rearview before you commit.

6) Bathroom Situation

Many women shy away from the romper because it’s one piece and you don’t want to have to deal with basically getting naked every time you go to the bathroom. Just pull the shorts to the side and carefully pee. It’s so much easier and faster. I know you might be thinking ewww or I’ll get pee all over the place, but with looser-fitting shorts, you don’t.

7) Long Sleeve Rompers

This romper is sleeveless and works beautifully as a casual poolside outfit or beach coverup, but if you want more coverage, look for rompers with sleeves.

Different Romper Styles

Dressy Rompers
Casual Rompers
White Rompers
Colorful & Printed Rompers
Denim Rompers

Do you have more questions about rompers and how to wear them? Please let us know in the comments below…

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4 thoughts on “How To Style Rompers… Yes, You CAN Wear a Romper Over 40!

  1. I l9ve you Erin…You are so real. I hate dping book work and I am behind months.The other thing is pull your shorts to the side and it. I checked out that pretty white long sleeve shirt..too much $$ for me, but the modelhad nothing on you. You rocked that white shirt. Hugs Rita
    That romper is too cute on you and classy

    1. Thanks so much, Rita! I know that brand is pricey… SO beautiful, but pricey. I love Banana and Ann Taylor’s white shirts too!! Erin xo

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