Everything You Need To Know About Wardrobe Basics #4

Everything You Need To Know About Fall Wardrobe Basics #4


This part of the basics checklist might be less exciting, but it is also easily one of the most important parts of your look! Without the proper undergarments, a few things can happen: 1) Your clothes may look bumpy or sloppy 2) Your chest may sag (very aging) and, 3) You might end up with visible lines from your panties and/or bra which isn’t elegant or sophisticated.

In addition to undergarments, shapewear can serve as your game-changing friend, smoothing lumps and bumps and making everything look a lot better.

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wireless bra by Jockey on fashion blogger Erin Busbee of busbeestyle.com

Bra Size Matters

Did you know that a weight fluctuation as small as 5 pounds can change your bra size!? That means you could be wearing the wrong bra size and we all know what that can do. Wearing the wrong bra size causes skin overhang (sometimes called back fat) It can create the spill-out effect where one or both of your breasts are bulging out of the cup. That’s never a great look under your fitted tees and tops. To alleviate that issue, you can schedule a bra fitting at your local department store. I prefer Nordstrom. OR you can try the new SOMAINNOFIT bra here. It’s a bra you can wear to determine your proper size.

Comfortable Strapless Bra, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee reviewing the Vanishing Back Strap Bra from Soma

Black & Nude Strapless Bras

Things I have never uttered when sporting a strapless bra: “WOW… it’s like I’m wearing nothing.” Or “Woah, it’s so comfortable, I could sleep in it.” Nope. Just stating facts, folks. Strapless bras are THE WORST. But, not all strapless bras are created equal. Some are actually more tolerable. My preferred strapless bras are Thirdlove 24/7, Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Bra, and Chantelle Lingerie Absolute Invisible. I am also a big Natori and Soma fan!

Wireless t-shirt bra by Jockey reviewed by Erin Busbee of Busbeestyle.com

Black & Nude Smooth Bras

I LOVE a lace bra as much as the next girl, but that lumpy look under a tee, not so much. You need to make sure you have two t-shirt bras that you absolutely love. These bras should be VERY smooth under fitted clothing and feel as light as air. You might consider a wireless bra for maximum comfort (if you can find a great one). I really love the Thirdlove Classic T-Shirt Bra. I also REALLY like this wireless bra option by Jockey. Just be sure to hand wash and lay flat to dry to keep the shape.

Soma has amazing smoothing bras too. The Vanishing Back Bra is specifically designed to eliminate that annoying fat that hangs over your bra on your back.

Must-Have Undergarments, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing the undergarments you have to have in your wardrobe including a nude skirt slip

Black & Nude Skirt Slip

If needed, look for a slip with tummy control so everything stays tucked in. I like to check Spanx and Commando. If you don’t want the tummy control, just a plain black and nude slip is fine. Obviously, look for one that works with the hem of your dress and does not show or peek out! For a plain slip, I really like this Half Slip by Commando.

Must-Have Undergarments, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing the undergarments you have to have in your wardrobe including sheer nude tights


I talked a bit about shapewear above, but essentially shapewear can really smooth everything out. The exact shapewear you purchase is really dependant on your body type. For example, if you want to smooth your tummy area, you can go for a tummy-control tank, high waisted shaping shorts or skirt slip. There are also tummy shaping tights that are amazing!

Many women swear by waist trainers, but I haven’t tried one yet. Have you? Do they work?? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I wore tummy tightening shapewear after both c-sections to keep the skin tight (per doctor’s orders) but I still have a TON of loose baby skin all over my belly.

Suede Booties by Vince Camuto paired with black floral print dress and burgundy tote bag on blonde woman in rocky mountains

Black Solid Tights

When I went to Paris, I noticed that many French women were wearing dark black tights with their looks. I think they looked really chic!! You can also look for dark tights with a subtle print or pattern like my tights above. There are so many brands for tights but for built-in tummy control, I would look at Spanx and Commando.

Check out what I wore while in Paris in this video.

Unexpected holiday party outfits featuring a velvet Shorts suit from Express paired with Western black booties, and polka dot black tights on fashion blogger with blonde hair

Black Patterned Tights/Stockings

I also love opaque or sheer tights… especially with a fun print like the polka dot tights I’m wearing above, or a subtle fishnet, stripes, diamonds, and houndstooth…anything that calls to you! Check out Spanx, Express, and Nordstrom.

Must-Have Undergarments, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing the undergarments you have to have in your wardrobe including nippiesMust-Have Undergarments, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing the undergarments you have to have in your wardrobe including a NuBra

Nipple Covers

This are not for everyone. ONLY for those with breast implants or smallish, lifted breasts. Nippies or pasties are little patches that go over your nipples so you can wear pretty much any top without straps showing. You can also get nippies with lift so that you get a lift! The NuBra is like nippies, but it’s connected in the middle and offers more coverage. If none of these are an option for you, try a bra with pretty straps like this one by Maria Jo. There is no harm in letting your straps show especially when they are delicate and pretty.

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