How To Save Time AND Money By Repurposing Your Holiday Decor

Sometimes I think the bins of holiday decorations must be reproducing on their own right in my attic.  When did I collect 14 bins of holiday décor?  As my tastes change, the kids get older, and I decide I need new and exciting items in “all gold”, “buffalo check”, or “all white” themes, I find myself with more decorations than I actually have the space to store.  But, for sentimental reasons, I’m not quite willing to donate or get rid of most of my collection.  I’m really set on a more natural, winter white theme this year, and instead of adding to my already vast collection of items I’ll need to store come January, I decided to get creative and purchase a few pieces that I could enjoy throughout the year.  Today I want to walk you through some simple ideas for repurposing a few holiday décor pieces so you won’t have to store them away—saving both time and money!

How To Save Time & Money By Repurposing Your Holiday Decor with natural birch hurricane candle holders for your fireplace mantel mixed with white candles, greenery and Christmas stockings

Hurricane Candles

Hurricanes can easily be repurposed after the holidays if you find ones that are neutral.  This birch hurricane set has the natural vibes I’m wanting for my mantle.  These will look great with 3” or 4” pillar candles anchored with a swag of fresh greenery intertwined with ribbon and pine cones.  And, they’ll look just as elegant in the spring and summer months because they don’t scream “holiday”, they just look classic.  Similarly, a glass or brass hurricane can give off holiday vibes paired with a Frasier Fir Pine Candle from Thymes (my absolute favorite holiday scent) or even some small fairy lights dropped inside.

Wooden Bowls

A simple wooden bowl is a must-have!  Fill it with small white pumpkins or holiday ornaments in your color scheme for now, and then seashells, moss balls, or fresh fruit later.  Similarly, dough bowls come in a range of sizes and prices but there is no end to the items you can display inside—various sized bottle brush trees, holiday treats, small gifts, candles, etc.  Fill them up and place them on shelves or a coffee table, or make a centerpiece for your kitchen island.  Think about searching through your kitchen cabinets for similar pieces.


Lanterns add a warm touch and look great indoors or out.  Tie ribbon around the handle and switch out the candles based on the season.  A small piece of greenery under a battery lit candle adds a nice touch too.  Try two different sizes together on your fireplace, in your entryway, or outside on your patio.  Get two of the same size lanterns to use on a long dining table. I own these lanterns from Wal-Mart and can tell you the quality is great!

Those Aren’t Pillows!

I’m not sure why my answer to every new creative décor odyssey starts with throw pillows.  My collection borders on ridiculous and storing them is a disaster.  My solution? I now use pillow covers when the urge strikes to change things up.  Pillow covers are much easier to store and they fit right over the pillow I already have on the couch, and the ones in the linen closet, and under the bed…you see how this works.  There are plenty of great pillow covers on Amazon but I’m especially loving the pillow covers on Etsy.  The covers are typically more affordable than a filled pillow so….win, win!  And there you have it, that’s me not buying more pillows.

Do you have any storage tips to share or items that you like to repurpose over the holidays? Are you also obsessed with pillows?  I can’t be the only one. Please share your tips in the comments!

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  1. I use my mirrored tray for every holiday to decorate, also glass candlesticks that for chirstmas have gold glitter candles; tall vases filled with different faux flowers; and i fill an art glass bowl that usually stands alone with greenery and faux fruit

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