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I know I’m not alone when I say swimsuit shopping is one of my least favorite things to do. And, that is saying something considering I basically shop for a living.

First, let’s talk about the lights in the fitting rooms. Ugh. Those fluorescent lights highlight EVERY dimple, spider vein and blemish on your behind. Every time I swimsuit shop, it’s like a rude awakening. I walk in thinking… I’m in decent shape. I walk out realizing… I have cellulite and a whole host of other issues I didn’t even know existed.

Simply put, swimsuit shopping is brutal. But, the good news is, I’m here to help!


Take some extra time to make sure you fix your hair, makeup and skin before heading out to swimsuit shop. Maybe even get a spray tan. You will need all the extra confidence you can get!


Long gone are the days of dowdy, matronly swimsuits. Today’s one-piece suits are modern, exciting and fashion-forward. You can find suits with everything from sheer panels to cutouts, even sequins! 

BUSTY – If you are busty, make sure you look for suits with built in bras and wider straps to help support and lift ‘the girls.’ A v-neckline will also help minimize your larger bust.

SMALL BUST – If you are small chested, I would look for one-pieces that have strategic color blocking or some type of bold pattern and/or color at the top of the suit (like this) to create the illusion of volume. You can also look for swimwear with ruffles, fringe or horizontal stripes. Padding is also always helpful when it comes to building a bust. 


If you want to look skinnier or need to hide some sins (and, seriously, who doesn’t?) I suggest a swimsuit in a dark color like black or blue, with built in tummy control. There are several brands offering tummy control: Miraclesuit, Magicsuit and Spanx, among others.


For those of you ladies who want to cover up your hips, butt and thighs, you might want to consider a chic swim-dress. There are several sophisticated options. Simply click the circle to see some of my favorites (including plus sizes). 


A tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini bottom.

The great part about a tankini is: you can strategically select your top and bottom to fit and flatter your body. If you want to draw the eye up towards your upper body and face, pick a top in a bold color or print, paired with a solid bottom (pictured). If you want to highlight your lower half, reverse that, buy bold bottoms and keep your top neutral.

Flowy tankini tops can also work really well when you are pregnant or simply want to conceal a little belly.


One of the most common questions I get regarding bikinis is, “can I still wear one?” I always answer this question with a question, “How do you look and feel?”

If you look like Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz, meaning, you are lean, fit and feeling good, I say, go ahead and rock your bikini! 


If you are really fair-skinned like I am, you will definitely want to consider giving yourself more coverage in the hot summer sun. Rash guards have come a long way and are now available in a variety of vibrant colors and prints.


Once you have found your perfect swimsuit, you are almost ready to hit the beach and pool. Just remember to consider your complete look. You should also find a chic, stylish cover up to wear with your suit, as well as complementary sandals and shades.

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