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I started my Style Reboot Series, about a year ago on YouTube.
The series is designed to help women like you ‘reboot’ and refresh your style.

There are SO many reasons why we go off the style or self-care track… lifestyle change, body changes, depression, guilt, time…
No matter what your reason, I think this series can help you find your way back.

If you missed the first 10 videos, you can watch them here.

Shop Like a Pro with These Ten Tips…

#1 | Make a List

The first thing you need to do is make a list of what you really need.
You can use my wardrobe basics checklists to make sure you have everything you need.
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Make sure when you are checking pieces off your list that everything in your closet fits and flatters your body.

 #2 | Investing in Key Pieces

It would be great if we could spend tons of money on everything we buy…but that’s not realistic. Instead, you should focus on investing in a few key pieces.
Plan to budget a bit more money to buy higher quality coats and jackets, handbags, shoes and boots.

#3 | Shop Outlets

Shopping outlets can help you save some money while still getting high quality, designer pieces.

My favorite outlet stores are:
Nordstrom Rack
Saks Off 5th
Last Call Neiman Marcus

#4 | Shop Consignment & Thrift Stores in your Town/City

Checking out local consignment and thrift stores in your area is always a good idea.
If you live in a city with great consignment stores, you should definitely take advantage of them!
Thrift stores can be a little more of a hunt, but if you have the time… I think you can find amazing things!

#5 | Online Consignment Stores are AWESOME.

If you don’t have a great consignment store in your city, you can always check online!
Some of my favorite online consignment stores are Vestiaire Collection and The RealReal.
These stores authenticate products so you can rest assured that what you’re ordering is the real deal.

#6 | Take Advantage of Flash Sale Websites

Flash sale websites have sales for a limited time (up to 3 days) with a limited quantity of items.
They offer very high discounts, up to 75% off retail!

My Favorites:

 #7 | Do Use Online Auction Sites like eBay

I love to buy ski gear, special occasion shoes and other specialty products on eBay that I might not wear all that often.
I love scoping out the Aquazzura shoes!

 #8 | Sign Up For Your Favorite Stores’ Sale Alerts

Signing up for email alerts from your favorite stores is an easy way to stay ‘in the know’ on sales.

Tip: You could use a new or separate email account for sale notifications to keep you inbox organized.

 #9 | Use Promo Codes

Promo codes are an easy way to save some money.
It’s easy to search promo codes on Google, OR make it EVEN easier on yourself and sign up for Honey.
Honey is an extension you add to your browser. It will remind you to check promo codes before you check out, potentially saving you lots of cash!

You can also use a service like Shoptagr (also an extension you add to your browser)…
Shoptagr will not only notify you when a piece is on sale…it will also let you know if your favorite item is back in stock! Genius!

 #10 | You Can Always Rent

You can always rent something.
Sites like Rent The Runway, and Bag Borrow or Steal allow you to rent designer clothing and accessories…
For a certain amount of time, for a LOT less than retail.

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4 thoughts on “Style Reboot #11 VIDEO | Ten Tips To Help You Shop Like A Pro

  1. Der Erin-
    Thank you. I could go on and tell you all about myself and how your style advise has meant to me but i think it would do an injustice to what you are actually doing to those who are tuning in- Thank you- I know it means so much to so many- keep it up- your heart is in the dead center and it is not about style that is your calling although it appears to be-you are a great inspiration to me and i am sure to others- you get how hard it is to be a woman and the challenges that we are faced with – your style advise is about so much more- you are a true inspiration – love the clothes advise but between the style your words are powerful- thank you – and keep it going- robin

  2. My husband and I are Planning travel to Iceland or a cruise from Norway next year. What resources did you utilize to plan your travel?
    I totally agree on simplifying!

  3. i have been on your email list , but for some reason i do not or have not gotten the wardrobe checklist , could another be sent my way … thanks

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