Slip-On Sneakers









The fashion industry has decided to make sneakers cool again, and I for one am ALL for it!

They are supremely comfortable, and ideal for motherhood.

The slip-on sneakers, like the ones I’m wearing above, look a little more refined than your typical trainers.

So, you can try them with jeans and a blazer like I did!

(Disclaimer: these shoes may cause excessive jumping and climbing)

Scoop some up in a neutral tone, like nude or metallic, for maximum versatility…

And to make your legs look longer with shorts.

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11 thoughts on “Slip-On Sneakers

  1. Well..0k… I will, since you said you do, too! lol I would never wear them to go shopping ,or anywhere that a lot of people will be. Usually, I just throw them on, when it’s hot, while doing chores, around the house, and just taking the dogs for walks, things like that. I have some black khaki pants and pink jeans that I I just cut off below the knee, and, I just roll them up to where I like them. and voila!.. I have bermuda shorts! I will feel better ,wearing those to town, or out amongst more people. Normally, I would just put on capris.. but you know what? I have always felt like you do, about them! They fall at a part of the leg ,that is definitely less attractive! So, now I have my bermuda shorts, and/or, my culottes, and, also my cropped ankle pants, and skirts and dresses!! So, I am pretty set for the summer! 🙂 I LOVE those gorgeous satin culottes you are wearing ,n your latest email . They are so classy and elegant! You should have been born a Princess. You certainly carry yourself ,and look like one! Thanks so much for your advice, Erin! You’re great! Luv ya, Jill xxxooo
    Oh, and btw, I changed my profile pic, bc the other one was from about 2&a half yrs ago, when my hair was blond!! This one is from about a year ago. It is still darker ,but I do have blond highlights in my hair, now and ,it’s a little shorter.. I am hoping it will grow fast, as I had it cut in a “pixie ” cut, (very short),and my hubby didn’t like it at ALL! 🙁 It is almost to my shoulders ,now.. Yay! 🙂

  2. Oh boy..I’m so sorry, but I really do not like these sneakers. I usually love anything you suggest, or wear, but these just look too manly, to me. It’s just my humble opinion, and, I’m sure it won’t matter, anyway, to anyone! lol.. Actually, you look fabulous in anything, Erin, including these sneakers.. but, I still don’t really care for them. Please don’t hate me?! Love you and your fashion sense! 🙂

    1. Hi Jill… Too funny! Yes, I know they are quite masculine, but when paired with something feminine I think they work well. I would probably avoid if you already have a lot of masculine energy or be sure to wear only with uber feminine pieces. I don’t hate anyone…so we are good! 😉 xoxo Erin

      1. You are such a sweetheart! If anything, I think I am always too feminine, so, maybe I should get these sneakers! ha ha Anyway, you look lovely with them on, and certainly not masculine at ALL! I am just loving your emails, blogs, and all your advice videos! I had to chuckle at your video, about women over 40 wearing shorts.. I have about 10 pairs of old jeans, that I have cut off, to wear as shorts,when it is really hot! And it gets VERY hot here, and humid.. Ugh! Anyway, my older daughter who is 35, married, and has 3 little boys, always gets on me, about my jeans shorts not being age appropriate. lol I hate jeans shorts that are too long, though. I just feel so frumpy and old , and they make me look shorter.. I’m 5’3 1/2″. My shorts don’t show anything, believe me. I would NEVER “go there”, but, they are shorter than what you suggest.. So,now ,I feel silly wearing them, since I watched your video.. But, when I cut them to be longer, my husband said ” who are you supposed to be, Granny Packer ?!” lol Oh my! So, I don’t know what to do , now. My daughter was happy , though.. 🙂 Oh well. Sorry for rambling on… Love you, Erin! xxoo Jill

        1. Jill… please don’t feel like you can’t wear your shorts. I wear cut-off jean shorts too! Just wear them for appropriate occasions, weekend casual around the house, beach, quick errands…If I wear my jean shorts, I wear something with a bit more coverage on top. I know exactly what you mean about length. I have to wear a shorter inseam because I’m petite, otherwise, I look frumpy. I mentioned the fingertip test as a helpful guide. It’s always give or take an inch or two…. don’t panic if your shorts are a little shorter. 😉 Thanks so much for supporting me!! You’re awesome! Have a wonderful day!! Erin xo

      1. Thanks! I’ve never found low ones that didn’t show the top part of your foot and thought everyone just wasn’t wearing socks! (which wouldn’t be very good!) I’ll definitely have to get a pair of these. 🙂 Thanks!

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