Why You’ll Love Our New Home Decor Writer Susan Harold

Q & A With Susan!

If you’ve been wondering about the new faces and voices on the site, our Meet The Writers is for you! Today, more about our amazing Home Writer and Editor, Susan Harold! If you missed the last post about Susan in this series, then make sure you go back and read that here. We share more about Susan’s passion for all things home in that post.

This post is a rapid fire Q & A highlighting Susan’s wonderful personality. Our hope is that through this series you’ll be as excited about our new writers’ content as we are on Team Busbee!

Keep scrolling to read my super fun, interview with Susan.  I know you’re going to love her as much as we do!

Question #1

Q1: What is your guilty pleasure? Non-style related AND style-related?
A1: Non-style related…Baking, but mostly eating the batter of whatever it is I’m baking! Oh, and Broadway musicals! Style related…Shoes. Specifically nude shoes. I’m not sure how many pairs of nude sandals, heels, booties, etc. I have, but for some reason, I never seem to have exactly the “right” pair.

Question #2

Q2: I’ve talked about signature style and style type in this video. Which style type do you identify most with? Mine is fashion-forward or classic with a little edge.
A2: My style is definitely feminine but I love an edgy twist. I don’t take huge fashion risks but, I appreciate them. I love a little special detail in clothing that makes a piece different or special. And, I love dresses.

Question #3

Q3: Fill in the blank…I have a collection of _____
A3: I have an impressive jewelry collection that I keep in a jewelry armoire which my husband affectionately refers to as King Tut’s Tomb.
Some of Susan’s favorite jewelry brands are Gorjana, Judith Ripka, Erin Fader, and Kendra Scott!

Question #4

Q4: What is your holy grail item right now? By the way, in case you missed it, Susan shared the 5 items she can’t live without in this post.
A4: My Simple Human mirror — hello 50!

Question #5

Q5: What is your go-to drink of choice?
A5: Before 5 pm =coffee and lemon water after 5 pm =wine or champagne

Question #6

Q6: What was your first concert? Mine was Cher with my mom. But my first concert with my friends…New Kids on the Block :joy:
A6: Wow, this is really dating myself but my group of 8th-grade friends went to see Erasure at an outdoor venue in Orange County, CA. It was rad. And so was my super wide, patent leather, neon belt.

Question #7

Q7: A show/movie that stops your scroll and you immediately start watching if you see it on TV? I LOVE “Top Gun” and “The Devil Wears Prada” … they never get old …and basically any type of period or historical drama. I’ve watched them all!! How about you?
A7: Love Actually. Every. Single. Time.

Question #8

Q8: What was the most important lesson you have learned in life?
A8: People remember how you make them feel, so make them feel GOOD. And second most important (not that you asked), I must never again say yes to bangs.

Question #9

Q9: Here’s a twofer…What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on and what’s your favorite city?
A9: The best trip was Tahiti for my 20th wedding anniversary. And my favorite city is Antibes in the South of France – so quaint and magical!

Question #10

Q10: We’ve learned on Team Busbee that pretty much everyone we’ve hired is competitive…are you??
A10: Super competitive. I WILL sink your battleship or die trying!

Extra Fun Factoid

Susan says… “If shopping was an Olympic sport, I think I could be a medal contender–maybe a bronze. I learned from the best, my mom!”

Do you have any other fun questions for Susan? Ask away in the comments!

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