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Super Sexy Sheer Swim Dress

If you saw my spring fashion trends video a couple months ago, you know that sheerness is on trend this season. There are a lot of sheer dresses, sheer skirts, sheer panels on tops, and sheer overlays. I think it’s an amazing trend, especially for those of us over 40 because it is super sexy without actually showing skin. This sheer swim dress is definitely risque and edgy. I wore it out to dinner in Hawaii, and it’s a stunner! You have to be feeling confident to pull it off, but if you want a real standout for your next trip or party… this IS it!

blond woman standing on lava rock in Hawaii wearing a blush corset sheer swim dress by Norma Kamali and floral headband from Nordstrom

blond woman standing on lava rock in Hawaii wearing a blush corset sheer swim dress by Norma Kamali and floral headband from Nordstrom

blond woman standing on lava rock in Hawaii wearing a blush corset sheer swim dress by Norma Kamali and floral headband from Nordstrom


The Shape

It’s a swim dress, so it has an actual swimsuit built-in, with a sheer chiffon skirt overlay. The underwire keeps the girls UP and in place. I paired it with my cute Tretorn sneakers to dial down the sexy. I wore this for our dinner at Manta at the Mauna Kea Hotel. After 8pm, they shine a giant light on the water and you can see giant manta rays swimming around. The kids LOVED it!

The Back Story

I wanted to shoot here en route to the restaurant, so you can see this crazy volcanic rock landscape. It reminded me of Iceland, an other-worldly, lunar-like landscape devoid of trees. The Big Island (where we stayed) has a variety of climates on one island! There is a mountain, Mauna Kea that reaches almost 14,000 feet! There is always some snow on top.  Some adventurous people even hike up and ski down. We experienced a very wet, spring-like climate on the east side of the island (Hilo area) where they get an estimated 130 inches of rain per year! We stayed on the dry, warmer, western side… where the weather is reliably good. I’ll share more about our trip in a recap post.

Volcanic Rock

While I was shooting this, my family was waiting for me in the car. The wind was so strong it blew my camera and tripod over, but luckily neither got damaged. The volcanic rock is very difficult to walk on… since it’s porous and all different shapes and sizes. It’s very uneven and the rocks move under your feet quite a bit. The volcanic rock is also VERY sharp. You wouldn’t want to fall on it.

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5 thoughts on “Trending: Sheer Dresses

  1. Dear Erin I love your style and fashion ideas. I’ve been following for some time now and they get better and better. I’m in my middle 40s and I always find you give me great inspiration on how to wear classic and new pieces. It makes me feel like a new woman when I step out in Busbee style!

  2. Hey Erin,
    I think you have a beautiful gift with being able to put clothing pieces together. You’re very talented! Unfortunately, they seem to be going more towards the “sexy” (low cut, see through, short, tight) look which I think is very sad. I prefer to dress modestly and not draw undue attention to myself (at any age). Thank you for all the wonderful tips and tricks that you’ve offered.

    1. Hi Shirley… thanks for your note! I just returned from a vacation on a beautiful, tropical island… and I went to a blogger conference where most women take fashion risks. I think for both of these trips, I pushed the envelope, which I LOVE to do because I LOVE fashion. I have a lookbook coming out on YT Wednesday that is filled with different, perhaps more modest outfit ideas if you want to check the channel then. Thanks! Erin xo

  3. you do put it all out there for good photos, i do appreciate that …i just have to laugh , visualizing the fam waiting in the car , i suppose the family is used to you and photos by now ..

    1. They are used to it and I’m fast… I only take about ten minutes. My husband is usually on his phone returning emails and the kids keep themselves busy too! xoxo

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