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The RIGHT bra is one of those little details that can really make or break your look.

In this video (above) I talk about the general scenarios, and what bra is right for each.

Below, I give you shopping options for different clothing & body types.


Clear U-Plunge Bra, CLICK HERE

Backless U-Plunge Bra, CLICK HERE

Strapless, Backless U-Plunge Bra, CLICK HERE

Nude Up-Plunge Bra, CLICK HERE (really like this one!)


Convertible Attachment, CLICK HERE

Convertible Strapless Bra (up to cup size H), CLICK HERE

Convertible Bra w/Straps, CLICK HERE

Strapless, Convertible Bra, CLICK HERE

STICK ON (including NuBra)

Gel Breast Petals, CLICK HERE

Breast Petals, CLICK HERE


Backless, Strapless (highly rated), CLICK HERE


Cushion for your shoulders, CLICK HERE

Regular Bra into Racerback Clips, CLICK HERE


Nude Straps, CLICK HERE

Convertible Strapless Bra (up to cup size H), CLICK HERE

Convertible Strapless, CLICK HERE

THIN, Nude Straps (to wear with sheer tops), CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to Hunt For BRA Bargains at





Still Looking For The Perfect Swim Suit? CLICK HERE To Check Out My Essential Swimwear Guide For Every Body Type.


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One thought on “VIDEO: What Bras To Wear | BusbeeStyle TV

  1. Hey Erin! Well, another great video! I REALLY have been wondering what to do, about some of my dresses and tops, that are either halter types, or no straps, racer backs, etc. And , now I know!! Yay! Also, about the Keds’ peds. I just have to get some of them, to wear with my 3 pairs of flats. You are, once again, addressing exactly what I need!! SO cool! 🙂 Sooooo.. thank you ,again, young lady! Oh, and I also bought the Maybelline Eraser roller dark circle, under eye concealer/ highlighter! ( Sorry, I can’t remember the exact name , at the moment! lol) But, anyway, I LOVE it so much! It really does make me look a few years,younger, or, at least I think so! And… more awake, even when I’m not! I actually found it at Walmart, for $7.92, plus about 70 cents off, with my Wal Mart discount card! (Bc my husband works there..) I can’t remember what the one, online, cost. Probably about the same amount. It’s always so wonderful, to watch your videos, and get great ideas! And, your little Biddy(or is it Bitty?), is SO precious! Oh ,how I miss the days ,when my little Natalie would say sweet things, like that ,to me! But ,I do have 3 adorable and sweet little grandsons, and my almost 4 yearr old one, is especially sweet and affectionate! The older one, is 7 ,now, and getting more sophisticated. haha,… He acts almost ike 7 going on 17! The youngest little fella will be 1 year old, tomorrow ,(July 10th),and, he is precious, too.I’m sure I will be getting lots of hugs, from him, as he gets a little older! 🙂 I know you are cherishing all those sweet moments, with your little ones! Thanks again, lovely Erin! Love you! Jill xxxooo

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