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For those of you who don’t already know, I’m petite.

Technically 5’4″ and under is considered petite.

Did you know 40% of American women are petite?

I didn’t… until I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Hard to imagine we used to look stuff up in Encylopedias, huh?

I digress…

So you are petite? It presents some challenges.

You have to hem a lot of pants and skirts.

Sometimes maxi dresses are too long, even with your highest heels.

‘Cute’ is a word often used to describe you.

But, don’t fret, you can still look amazing!

And, for those days you need to feel a little taller…

There are some simple tricks you can employ.

1) V-neck or Scoop Neck Tops

These will elongate your upper body

2) Vertical Stripes

Create the illusion of height

3) Hemline

Hem your jeans and pants 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch off the ground…

to look as long and tall as possible.

4) Wear All One Color

Don’t break up the line.

Try wearing all one color from head-to-toe. You will look taller.

5) Long Necklaces

Will help elongate your upper body

6) High-Waisted Trousers & Jeans

Will make your legs look longer

7) Wear Heels

It’s a no-brainer, wearing heels can make you look taller. Try wedges if you struggle to walk in heels.

Chunky heels are also easier to walk in.


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