11 Ways To Wear a Rectangular Scarf VIDEO

I’ve covered 10 ways to wear a blanket scarf and 10 ways to wear a skinny scarf in other posts…but now I’m sharing 11 ways to wear a rectangle scarf! A rectangle scarf is also referred to or considered just a “regular” scarf! You can find the list below, but if you want to see it done in action, make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this post to see exactly how I do each style!

11 simple and easy ways to wear your fall/winter rectangular scarf, ways to wear a rectangle scarf

Ways To Wear A Rectangle Scarf

1) Let It Hang
2) One Side Over the Shoulder
3) Both Ends Over the Shoulders
4) Wear as Wrap (left)
5) Half Knot
6) Half Bandit (middle)
7) DIY Infinity (right)
8) Once Around Neck
9) Looped & Half Knot
10) Through The Loop
11) Neck Tie

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