Classy Ways To Wear A Scarf That Look Chic But Are SO Easy

Scarves are one of those classic accessories that every woman should own. Simply throwing a scarf around your neck can completely take a basic fall outfit up a notch. While you can wear scarves as statement pieces, we prefer to wear them to really complement an outfit and help tie it all together (pun intended). When styled correctly, scarves can instantly turn any basic outfit into something chic and classy. Today, we’re sharing a roundup of ways to wear a scarf and look classy any time of the year. If you’re looking for more guidance on exactly what accessories you actually need in in your closet, we have a mini course called Style Made Simple: Shoes & Accessories that breaks it all down for you and is only $37!

I’ve shared 10 easy ways to wear a scarf in this video in case you’re interested.

Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Classy Ways To Wear A Scarf

Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

There are SO many different types of scarf options now. Blanket scarves, skinny scarves, square scarves, rectangle scarves, etc. Not to mention the many different fabric, pattern, and color choices! We recommend finding a scarf with neutrals like black, gray, white, brown, tan, beige, etc. so you can style it with everything in your closet. First up we’re talking about ways to wear a blanket scarf. We did a very old blog post with 10 ways to wear a blanket scarf here. It’s an oldie, but a goodie so we definitely recommend checking that out after this post.

But here’s how you can tie your blanket scarf…

1) Cowgirl Chic
2) Let it Go!
3) Over the Shoulder
4) Long Knot
5) The Coat
6) Belt It!
7) Infinity Style
8) Short Knot
9) Simple Loop
10) Braid It

To see exactly how Erin ties all of these, check out this video.

Classy Ways To Wear A Scarf

Ways to Wear a Square Scarf

This post is more focused on ways you can tie a scarf, but if you’re looking more for what sort of outfit you can put together with scarves, let me make it simple for you…you can wear scarves with pretty much anything! A sweater and jeans, a dress, a top and skirt, a blouse and pants…the possibilities are endless because a scarf really is just that versatile!

Here are a few ways you can tie your square scarf…

1) Head Scarf
2) Double Loop & Knot
3) Loop & Double Knot
4) Loop & Knot
5) Leave It
6) Double Loop & Half Knot (see how Erin does this here)

how to wear scarf elegantly

Ways to Wear a Long Scarf

A long scarf, also called a rectangle scarf, is probably one of the easier scarfs to tie and wear. Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of every single option, but here are a few ways to wear your long scarf…

1) Let It Hang
2) One Side Over the Shoulder
3) Both Ends Over the Shoulders
4) Wear as Wrap (left above)
5) Half Knot
6) Half Bandit (middle above)
7) DIY Infinity (right above)
8) Once Around Neck
9) Looped & Half Knot
10) Through The Loop
11) Neck Tie

To see exactly how Erin ties all of these, check out the video in this post.

10 Ways to Wear a Neck Scarf

Ways to Wear a Neck Scarf

Next up is a neck scarf! You might think…aren’t all scarves neck scarves since they go around your neck?! You’re right…but a neck scarf is a much smaller scarf, usually in a silky fabric that’s less for warmth and more for style. You’ll usually see them in square or skinny rectangle shapes.

Here are a few ways to tie a neck scarf…

1) Tie on Side
2) Tie in Front
3) Choker
4) Center Knot Choker
5) In the Loop
6) Handbag Accessory
7) Anklet
8) Bracelet
9) Headband
10) Hair Tie

To see exactly how Erin ties all of these, check out the video in this post.

What Accessories to Wear with Scarves

What Accessories to Wear with Scarves

You can wear pretty much any other accessories with scarves. We wouldn’t recommend pairing a scarf with a bib necklace because there’s a little too much going on around the neck. But feel free to play around with different jewelry (as long as it’s not too overpowering), carry your favorite handbag, and throw on some sunglasses. You can’t really overdo it here unless every accessory you’re wearing is a statement piece.

What questions do you have about wearing a scarf? Let us know in the comments below!

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