10 Things Menopausal Women Need On The Go

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Combat Menopause On The Go!

Your metabolism may feel like it has ground to a halt, but you haven’t. You’re still going 100 miles an hour, between work, family, and all your other obligations and activities. But while menopause takes its toll—hot flashes, moodiness, cravings—you can combat its symptoms, even on the go. Here are 10 products designed to do just that.
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Hot Flash Patch

Hot flashes rank among the most prevalent symptoms of menopause, but there is help. Apply these patches fortified with hemp, black cohosh, and menthol to mitigate sweating for up to 12 hours, then just peel off and toss.

Neck Fans

With two portable, adjustable fans, three speeds, built-in LED lights and a rechargeable battery, this gadget is perfect for helping you keep your cool on warm days outdoors or overheated situations indoors.

Hot Girls Pearls

Another cooling option, these lightweight pearls containing a non-toxic gel can up your style game while lowering your temperature. Just pop in the freezer and they’re good to go. A freezable travel pouch allows you to tuck them into your tote. Plus, no one will ever know...they look like just another piece of chic jewelry from your collection!

Hot Flash Cooling Mist

Aside from relieving one of menopause’s most troubling symptoms on contact, this product contains anti-inflammatory plant extracts and supports collagen production to lift, firm and tone the skin.

Hot Flash Pillow

Since this looks like any other neck cushion, it’s perfect for the plane, driving or riding in the car, to slip on at your desk, or just about any other time you need some cooling comfort. It remains at its coldest temperature for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Snack Attack

Menopause may make you feel nutty at times, so embrace it! Stash these bags of sweet and crunchy treats in your bag to help stave off that sweets craving and quell the rumbling in your tummy, plus they're chock-full of healthy fats and proteins.

Bullet Proof Bar

Ever set out on a day of meetings and errands knowing in advance that fitting in lunch was going to be a major feat? Enter the gluten-free, dairy-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Collagen Protein Bar, made with grass-fed collagen protein. Your skin, bones and joints (and tummy) will thank you.

Black Cohosh Root Tea

A wellness blend of organic black cohosh (which has been used to relieve breast tenderness, headaches and other women's issues for more than 70 years), this product is caffeine-free,100 percent kosher and an excellent source of tannins.

The Big Chill

Menopause can exacerbate stress-induced mood swings (or so my husband says)…but this supplement containing Rhodiola Rosea can help you stay calm, collected and more pleasant overall. Pop one any time of day with food.

Hand Fan

Who says menopause can’t be luxurious and elegant? Ok, maybe that’s overstating it—but these gorgeous premium fans made in Spain are hand-carved from wood or made with custom-cut acrylic imported from Switzerland. You’ll want to tuck one into every handbag for those times when elegance and style must prevail, even as your sweatstache is in full bloom.
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  1. Thank you for the great suggestions! Any plans to do an article on easing post menopausal symptoms? There is so much out there-it’s hard to weed thru it and figure out which options would be most effective and safe to use. Thank you for all you do to take care of us!

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