6 Unique & Easy 4th of July Party Ideas Your Neighbors Didn’t Think Of!

4th of July Party Ideas

We’ve all seen it. The sheet cake with the strawberries and blueberries that make up the shape of the American flag. It’s cute, don’t get me wrong. And I have to admit I have made one myself. But, maybe you are looking for some fresh ideas for your 4th of July get-together this year. I know I am. My oldest son just returned from grueling U.S. Air Force Field Training and I’m as proud as any patriotic mom could be. It really makes me think about all the heroes past, present, and future who serve our country so proudly and bravely. So, I’m definitely in the spirit for some added celebrating this year!  Here are a few easy things you can do to bring a little extra…spark  😎 to your 4th of July get-together.

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1) Celebrity Summer Salad

Let’s start with a really easy and delicious recipe that’s perfect for the 4th of July or really any summer party. I love a good green salad but once you add dressing you pretty much need to eat it or toss it within a few hours. This one is fresh and SO good and it keeps in the fridge for a few days. I didn’t make up this recipe. In fact, the internet says @JenniferAniston did! Quite a while ago, this recipe went viral on Instagram. Others have replicated it with their own spin including @LivingWithLandyn (who is awesome by the way!) I LOVE this salad. I like to add tomatoes although the OG recipe doesn’t call for them. You can also add additional protein to it or just eat it as is…my personal favorite. You can easily double or even triple this recipe for a large crowd.

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2) Don't Fix What Isn't Broken

People come to expect the simplicity of hamburgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July...so don’t disappoint! Have you tried scoring your hot dogs with crisscross slots? Let me tell you, it takes a boring dog to the next level. The slices create these caramelized, crunchy edges when you grill them. The ridges also grab hold of all the toppings, so each bite is just too good. You could make the hatch marks with a sharp knife, but if you are serving a crowd, this slotdog slicing tool will do the job in a jiffy. I’m not huge on kitchen gadgets, but I own and use this one! Another food tip, you can freeze a bunch of red and blue berries on a sheet tray overnight and add them to a large dispenser of water. So much better than all those ½ used water bottles laying around your yard.
Slotdog Hot Dog Slicing Tool
Claro Acrylic Drink Dispenser with Brooks Wood Stand

3) Game For All Ages

Any good BBQ calls for some outdoor games. And, if your family is competitive like mine, maybe a lot of outdoor games. Cornhole is a staple around our house and it’s easy for all age groups to play. It's also a fun ice breaker for larger groups where not everyone knows each other. One of our favorite wedding gifts was a cornhole game set! Set this up in your yard and keep the parents, teenagers, and littles equally entertained.
Silver Chevron Cornhole Boards
GoSports Solid Wood Cornhole Set
TOYSHARING Cornhole Bags

4) Look Chic

You’ll see plenty of people sporting their flag t-shirts, but if you’re a fashionista you can step-up your game with a red, white or blue sundress instead. These picks are great for any 4th of July celebration but can be worn all summer long. The first, Erin featured on the blog and you can see how she styles it on the post I linked above. I scooped it up right away. It definitely has a loose, more forgiving fit so you could size down 1 size (I did!). The shoulder strap is adjustable and the lightweight cotton fabric is really soft and breathable which is so perfect for hot weather. And…pockets! Why not invest in something you’ll wear beyond the 4th...
Joanna Velvet Maxi Dress
Carine Mini Dress
Maeve Dress
Rebecca Taylor Labyrinth Slip Dress
Rory Woven Long Dress

5) Elevated Tablescape

If you want to elevate your tablescape, these placemats, striped napkins, and table linens are more sophisticated than star-spangled paper versions. Plus, you’ll use them beyond the 4th.
Farm Fresh Stiped Set of 4 Napkins
French Blue Floral Woven Round Set of 6 Placemats
Porto Stripe Print Table Runner
Wheaton Striped Linen Cotton Napkins Set of 4

6) Subtle Decor

When it comes to condiments, keep things interesting. Use a large muffin tin as a condiment caddy tin for ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, pickles mango salsa, etc. It’s easy to refill and takes up less space on your table than a bunch of small bowls. Don’t forget the mini serving spoons! Add a bunch of small American flags (Made in the USA!!) to your food table. Fill mason jars or small vases with sand and they won’t budge. OR you can also add them to planters around your yard. They add a subtle nod of 4th décor without being over the top. Also...how cool is this wreath for the front door?
Wilton 6 Cup Standard Muffin Tin
Small Wooden Spoons 6pcs
Gift Express Set of 48 American Flags
Liberty Outdoor Burlap Wreath
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  1. Wonderful ideas!
    My husband Larry Vasquez is a retired Navy Captain who proudly served for 30 years and would still be in if possible. He deployed many times with ships and even served in Afghanistan for a year. He is our hero and the most patriotic man I know!

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your comment and a HUGE thank you to your husband, Larry, for his service in the Navy. He is truly our hero too! Susan

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