How To Get Gorgeous, Full Eyelashes and Eyebrows For a Youthful Look You’ll Love

Gorgeous, full eyelashes and eyebrows make us look more youthful, awake and vibrant.  Especially today where our eyes have taken center stage, it’s all about lashes and brows.  Unfortunately, they both seem to naturally thin with age and raging hormones.  With dark hair and dark eyes, I am fortunate to have relatively thick lashes and brows.  But after having my twin boys years ago, they seemed to vanish (the eyelashes and brows – not the boys!).

My dermatologist suggested Latisse and gave me a sample bottle (and prescription) to try.  I applied it every morning and night for about 3 months.  It worked like magic.  12 years later and I’m still a fan (I only apply it 3x a week to maintain the look).  Today, there are many more eyelash and eyebrow growth serums available over the counter.  And trust me, if you use them as directed, they work and deliver full eyelashes and eyebrows within 10-12 weeks.

full eyelashes and eyebrows eyelash and eyebrow serum tube and brush


Serums look like little clear mascaras (tube, brush) and coat your lashes or brows with hydrating and conditioning ingredients.  Packed with polypeptides, essential proteins, antioxidant-rich vitamins and conditioning ingredients, these serums are applied directly to the base of the lash line (not on the eyelid) or directly to the brow.  You can use them morning or night (it’s up to you).  Just be sure and let the serum dry thoroughly before applying other face products. It takes anywhere from 10-12 weeks to see a real difference.

  • neuLash Brow Enhancing Serum – If you follow Erin on Instagram, you know this is her absolute favorite for making her brows full and lush.  Seriously, the change has been dramatic!
  • RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – While getting Botox last month, I asked Tracey with Beauty with a Mission for her recommendation on an alternative to Latisse.  This is her team’s favorite, so I’ve just ordered a tube to try!
  • GrandeLash MD Enhancing Serum – This eyelash serum is applied along your lash line just like a liquid liner.  It boasts hyaluronic acid in the formula so it helps even the most brittle of lashes. It’s also ophthalmologist-approved, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your eyes.
  • Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer  – Made with bergamot peel water, lavender flower water, citrus orange fruit and soy protein, this Ecocert-certified serum shows results in as little as 4 weeks!

full eyelashes and brows, applying natural options

Natural Options

Years of plucking, threading or waxing may make it difficult to get eyebrows to grow quickly or go back to their natural shape.  But perhaps you’re more interested in effective natural remedies.  If so, it’s definitely possible to thicken your brows and make them look fuller with these natural options.

Heritage Store Castor Oil
Nature Made Biotin
YouTheory Collagen Powder

full eyelashes and eyebrows mascara and false eyelashes full eyelash and eyebrows

Cosmetic Options

If you prefer going the cosmetic route for full eyelashes and eyebrows, let’s talk.  Because I’m guessing that like me, you’ve worn mascara since the 10th grade.  So just in case you still haven’t found the brand you love, let me remind you of my undying love of Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara.  The formula is perfect.  The brush is a dream. So, it truly never disappoints. Want something a bit more dramatic?  Try false eyelashes.  This set from Velour Vegan Mink Luxe Lash Collection is great because it’s really gentle and doesn’t destroy your existing lashes. Erin has also tried out these magnetic lashes and likes them! For brows, as I mention here I prefer the precision of a brown pen (like this one from Benefit and this from L’Oreal) to create tiny, natural, hair-like strokes.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.  I’m happy to help!

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Gorgeous, Full Eyelashes and Eyebrows For a Youthful Look You’ll Love

  1. I am a massive RevitaLash convert after finally committing to use it every day for 3 months. I had been a skeptic, but no longer. You just reminded me to order one or the brow serums today to see if that works too. All I would add is to follow the directions and not to put too much on because it can sting if it gets in my eyes. It goes away quickly, though.

    1. Ooh that’s so great to hear Kathleen! Curious to know how many times a week you use it to maintain?


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