3 Reasons Why Your Style is a *MESS* (Over 40)!

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Having worked with women one-on-one for five years and online for over 6, one thing I know for certain…?  We put ourselves last. We pour everything we have into our loved one; our kids, our husbands, our careers, the cooking, the cleaning, etc. And, for some reason, we don’t prioritize ourselves. In the video below, I break down the 3 reasons why your style is a mess.

Why Our Style Is Off-Track

How many of you have looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “What happened to the old me?” That vibrant, sexy, dynamic, confident “you” that thought you could tackle the world. That thought anything is POSSIBLE. You’ve lost her and your sense of style with her for 3 reasons that I outline below (and in the video).

Reason #1 | Closet is a Hot Mess

If your closet is a train wreck, you won’t find anything and it will take you WAY longer than it should to get dressed.
First, you need to order matching hangers. Calculate 100 hangers per every 3 feet of hanging space.
Once those arrive, grab some thick garbage bags and boxes and start your closet edit!

Edit OUT pieces:

1) You haven’t worn in more than 2 years
2) Doesn’t fit and flatter your body
3) Damaged beyond repair
4) You don’t feel cute in

That’s it! So simple, right.

Next, you put everything back and sort by color and type. Voila, you’re done and now you have an organized, boutique-like closet.

Reason #2 | Don’t Have Basics

Like your home, your wardrobe needs a solid foundation. That foundation is your basics. Without your basics, your wardrobe won’t work. IF you stare at racks and racks of clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear… that is most likely because you don’t have basics. This seems so simple and yet SO many of us don’t do this. WHY? It’s because basics aren’t the most fun things to buy. But, make no mistake…they are super important!

Reason #3 | You Put Yourself LAST

You don’t realize it at first… this happens slowly over time. Year after year of taking care of EVERYONE else. Until one day you wake up, look in the mirror, and you do NOT recognize the person staring back at you. She looks tired and her eyes look dark and empty. This happens to so many of us because we put everyone else first and ourselves…last. This HAS TO STOP immediately. You will not only feel so much happier if you prioritize you…  you will also have SO MUCH MORE to give everyone else. That is my promise!!

There are two other videos I wanted to share with you to watch after this one… how to build outfits, is SO helpful when it comes to understanding how to create outfits day after day. It’s a must-watch! And if you don’t know your signature style yet, please watch this video. Both of these videos and concepts will be so helpful when it comes to getting your style back on track…and getting YOU back!!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?? Please share in the comments. There is real power in sharing your story…both for you and the person who needs to read it.

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