Going Through Menopause? You Should Try Vitamin K2 As Soon As Possible!

Menopause can cause significant disruptions in your hormones. It can also change your metabolism and how you process nutrients. Keeping your body in good health is one way to ward off unwanted menopausal side-effects like dry hair and skin, weakening bones, and recurrent brain fog. Supplements can help you maintain your nutrient levels, so your body uses them more efficiently. Maybe you’re already taking some, like Omega-3s or calcium. But if you’re going through menopause, you should try Vitamin K2 as soon as possible. It has benefits that can help ease menopausal symptoms. If you’ve missed previous posts on vitamins for menopause, make sure you check those out below…

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Going Through Menopause? You Should Try Vitamin K2, Everyday vitamins for women over 45 and women over 50 featuring Ritual vitamins and blogger over 40 Erin Busbee of Busbee style

What is Vitamin K2?

There are two types of Vitamin K: Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2, and they support your health in significantly different ways. Vitamin K1 helps blood clotting, calcium metabolism, and your heart. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, supports strong bones, your heart, and skin. 

Also, according to Dr. Chris Kessler, our intestines are able to convert Vitamin K1 into Vitamin K2, but because the vitamin is in the membranes of the intestine, the rest of our bodies are not able to access it. And while diet rarely leads to a Vitamin K1 deficiency, Vitamin K2 deficiencies are becoming more common.

Going Through Menopause? You Should Try Vitamin K2, African American woman holding medicine pills in hand

How Vitamin K2 Helps During Menopause

So how does Vitamin K2 help with menopause? Vitamin K2 supports bone health, better moods, and healthy skin.

Greater Bone Health

Vitamin K2 helps your bones stay strong. This is how it works: Vitamin K2 helps create a protein. This protein acts as a glue and holds calcium onto your bones. Your bones remain strong, and you look and feel more youthful.

Better Moods

The science is still in its early stages, but researchers think they are finding a connection between Vitamin K2 and anxiety. Because Vitamin K2 helps you keep blood glucose levels stable, it helps regulate your mood. That mood stability is going to help you respond and not react to what life throws at you.

Younger Skin

Vitamin K2 supports skin health by boosting skin elasticity. This means that when your diet is rich in Vitamin K2, you’ll see fewer wrinkles and dark shadows under your eyes. And it’s been known to help with swelling and redness too. So you could see improvement of conditions like eczema and varicose veins.

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How You Should Take Vitamin K2

Getting nutrients and vitamins through a diverse diet is always best. When you eat foods that contain the nutrients you need, you are choosing more bioavailable options. Foods that are high in Vitamin K2 include fermented foods, high-fat dairy (think really hard cheeses), egg yolks, and animal organs. If you follow a diet that doesn’t include these foods, a supplement can help. Make sure you’re choosing your supplements from a reputable company that includes outside testing.

Here are a couple of great options: 


Ritual is the brand of vitamin Erin uses, and she’s seen great results. It’s rare that a multivitamin includes Vitamin K2, but this one does.

Healthy Origins

This Vitamin K2 supplement is not a multi. It only includes Vitamin K2. But it uses the MK-7 variety of K2, which means it is more easily absorbed.

New Chapter

This is also a multivitamin, but it includes minerals that help boost immunity. They are allergen-free and are third-party tested for efficacy.

Vitamin K2 is a relatively new-comer to the wellness table, but the results it gives make it a heavy-hitter. Have you tried Vitamin K2? What results have you seen? What brands of supplements work the best for you? Let me know in the comments.

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