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Make These Easy Changes Now to Be More Mindful During the Holidays

How many times have you set an intention to be more mindful and avoid holiday stress only to give up because you just can’t slow down? As busy women and moms, we’re so used to managing our homes and families that we’re constantly looking for the next thing that needs to be done, so much so that it can be hard to enjoy the holidays! Becoming more intentional and mindful is important if you believe you deserve to savor your life.

I truly believe we are a powerful group of women, who can do anything we set our minds to. But I also understand that starting a new process can feel overwhelming. Plus, thinking about being more mindful while getting your home and family ready for the holidays is just – a lot! So it can make it seem like the distance between where you are now, and where you want to be in your mindfulness journey is insurmountable. But as the Chinese proverb says, “Every journey starts with a small step.” So what if you beat the overwhelm by starting small – really small?

This post is part of a 3-part series that will have you feeling your best before the holidays. This month I’ll focus on how to be mindful over the holidays. In October I focused on exercise, and in November I focused on how NOT to gain weight over the holidays. Add in the changes that suit you best, and you can start the new year knowing you’re taking care of the most important person in your life – you!

Tips to avoid holiday stress, How to be mindful over the holidays

Be More Mindful During the Holidays

Here are some ideas that can help you be more mindful of the mental, physical, and environmental pillars of self-care. They’re simple (I promise!) and effective. If you want to be more mindful in the new year, here are easy ways to get started!

How to be More Mindful During the Holidays

 Tip #1) Find Your Roots

It’s easy to throw around thoughts like, “I should be more X,” or “I’m too Z!” But these thoughts don’t serve us because they’re groundless, damaging, and vague. To ease holiday anxiety, try to get to the root of your desire behind your thoughts. Let’s say one of your thoughts is, “I get too worked up during the holidays.” This thought takes out any action. Instead, try a thought like, “I can stay calm even when the holidays are stressful.” The difference is that it honors the idea that there are holiday stressors but we control how we cope with them.

Mindfulness tips during the holidays

Tip #2) It’s the Process – Not the Results

To enjoy the holiday season and avoid holiday stress, tap into the processes of your routines. For example, you want to avoid holiday weight gain, and keeping track of your weight is one strategy. But for some people, constant tracking can increase holiday anxiety. Instead, focus on the enjoyment you get from moving your body or fueling it with nourishing foods. The process of taking a quiet walk alone through your neighborhood to see the lights, the process of moving through your difficult barre workout, or the process of your 10-minute daily meditation practice will help you stay mindful this holiday season.

Mindful holiday practices

Tip #3) Word of the Season

To help you be more mindful over the holidays, consider adopting a word of the season. It’s a one-word mantra that you can use as a mental touchpoint. It works by recentering your thoughts around what you want to think and feel this holiday season. One of my personal holiday stressors is the amount of clutter that builds up. And with four kids, it’s a lot. But my youngest son doesn’t see the clutter. He just delights in all of the noise, decorations, and chaos the season brings. To tap into his enthusiasm and spirit, my word of the season this year is “delight.” It will help me remember that the mess is temporary, but the memories are forever.

Keep scrolling for ways to keep your mental, physical and environmental wellness top of mind during the holiday season.

Which of these tips to be more mindful during the holidays resonates with you the most? Are you already doing any of them? Do you have other tips we should try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Mental Wellness

Keep your mental wellness on point and avoid holiday stress with these tools. They'll help you relax, get centered, and find peace, no matter how hectic your holidays get!

Physical Wellness

Practice enjoying the process of finding physical wellness. These tools will help you turn any space into your gym and can get stashed out of the way when you're done.

Environmental Wellness

Even small changes add up! To practice a little environmental wellness, try using reusable storage bags for your holiday leftovers. These are durable and dishwasher-safe.
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2 thoughts on “Make These Easy Changes Now to Be More Mindful During the Holidays

  1. Hi Julianna Thank you. My husband says I get crazy starting day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas sooo much. I love to decorate every room. I get upset when people say I am not even putting up a tree. My problem is I had started baking for a lot of people and feel like I can not just stop. It is old fashioned cookies and cakes that are not simple. I am going to start early and my word will be peaceful. I always thank Erin..I feel like she is my friend and definitely my stylist but I want to thank all of her team members. Erin was the first person I watched on Utube. She is so beautiful inside and out. She knows that I have a lot of people I need to thank. My husband and I have a lot to pay forward. Ask her about that.

    1. I love your choice of “peaceful” for the season. I am sure your home is beautifully decorated, but finding peace while you do all the things you choose to do would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Julianna

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