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Q&A With Amit

Today we are continuing with our Meet The Writers series and we’re getting a bit more up close and personal with our talented Lifestyle Writer, Amit Bloom. In her fabulous posts, Amit shares insights about money, relationships, travel, parenting and everything in between. If you missed our first post introducing Amit, you can go back and read it here. It will walk you through her background and why she was such an amazing choice to join our writing team back in December! I’m so excited we’ve been able to expand the content on the site to include all the topics that are important to our 40+ community!

You can find all of Amit’s Lifestyle posts here, including this timely post: The Only Back To School Essentials Your Kids Actually Need.

This post is a rapid-fire, Q&A interview, and let me tell you, I learned a thing or two! I’m sure you’ll love Amit’s advice and quick wit as much as we do. So, without further ado, let’s get to know Amit!

Amit BloomAmit Bloom

Question #1

Q1: As our resident travel expert, what is your favorite travel destination and where do you want to go that you haven’t yet been?
A1: My favorite place on earth is Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter what your personal religious beliefs are, you can’t help but feel the spiritual energy there. A close second…We visited Washington, DC a few years ago and it was amazing. I don’t think I took the time to really learn about our country’s history since high school. Revisiting our capitol as an adult gave me a whole new appreciation for our country. As for my bucket list…Italy and Australia.

Question #2

Q2: I’ve talked about how to create a perfect, everyday outfit formula in this post. What’s your go-to style uniform?
A2: I love a classic look. Give me cool jeans and an elevated t-shirt any day of the week. Once in a while, however, I like to mix things up with a fashion forward statement piece.

Question #3

Q3: What is your drink of choice?
A3: I start each day with a hot glass of tea with honey and almond milk. Some people need coffee to get the day going, I need tea!

Question #4

Q4: What is your style related guilty pleasure?
A4: My husband has placed a moratorium on wedge sandals, but next to diamonds, they really are a girl’s best friend.  If I was thinking of getting a great pair of wedges for fall, they’d be these for sure!

Question #5

Q5: I know you love to travel. We definitely share that passion! Do you have a must-have travel item that goes with you on each and every trip? Mine is my trusty Calpak suitcase. I seriously could not have lived without it these past few months between our family road trip, moving to Spain, and traveling through Europe on weekend excursions!
A5: In my experience, hotel lighting is some of the most unflattering lighting when doing your makeup. This lighted travel mirror saves the day!

Question #6

Q6: What is the most important lesson you have learned?
A6: In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once you face something as sobering as that, you realize that everything you’ve been afraid to do or say your whole life seems trivial and pointless. Letting go of self-imposed fear is quite freeing!

Question #7

Q7: What is your all-time favorite movie?  The one you can’t help but stay up WAY too late watching again and again and again?
A7: The Godfather 1 & 2. I try to walk away from the screen, but they always make me an offer I can’t refuse!

Question #8

Q8: What fashion trend have you tried but wish you hadn’t? For me it was fingerless, fluorescent pink, mesh gloves during the early 80’s, Madonna days. Wow! …Actually, I kinda wish I still had them. 😂
A8: In high school, I went through a grunge rock phase and wore all black, baggy clothes with combat boots. I look at those photos now and laugh!

Question #9

Q9: Do you have a holy-grail beauty item that works specifically for women 40+?
A9: At the moment it’s this Chanel eyeshadow palette.  It has the perfect neutral, matte shades for my 50+ lids.

Question #10

Q10: What are the best words of advice you’ve received? At my first job, a co-worker told me to never put work before family and I will never forget that important advice.
A10: In college, I took an acting class with a brazen teacher who told me that I had talent, but I needed to stop holding back. His advice was “Don’t be afraid to look like an a-hole!” Those words helped me get over so many social insecurities! I don’t think he knew the impact that advice had on my life.

And Just For Fun

Q: What is your spirit animal and why?
A: This question is never a boar, and I’m not lion. (Drops the mic.) In all seriousness—the Shiba Inu. Have you read my bio? My dog gets all the love.

Do you have any burning questions for Amit?  Let us know in the comments!

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