How To Create The Perfect Everyday Outfit Using This Never Fail Formula!

Make Style Simple!

 Figuring out what to wear each day doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you have a tried and true outfit formula!  You know, the outfit you can turn to as your style uniform and know you’ll feel comfortable and confident every single time you wear it! When you have that go-to outfit in your wardrobe arsenal, you can use it day in and day out knowing you’ll look chic, stylish and sophisticated. This is my go-to summer outfit and the simple formula you can use to put it together! Follow step-by-step to build the perfect summer outfit…

I really don’t deviate much from this formula and you don’t have to either. It can take you anywhere from running errands during the day to girl’s night or date night. Just swap out pieces to keep your look fresh, seasonal, new, and exciting! You’ll look stylish and modern without much effort at all.

If you’re interested, watch this video where I break down the perfect fall outfit formula.


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1) Denim

Start with the perfect pair of denim. This could be high-rise or mid-rise denim, although I prefer high-rise because they help define my waist (something I’m always striving for as a rectangle body shape). They can also help hide a tummy if that’s an issue for you. You really just need to try on several pairs and find the fit that works best for your body. Of course, for summer I love a white pair of jeans or denim shorts. Here are some of my favorite summer jeans and jean shorts!


If you are looking for YOUR signature look or signature style, be sure to check out this video.


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2) Tops

Next, find a lightweight and breathable summer tee or top with one special, minimal detail. This could be a puff sleeve t-shirt, a t-shirt with ruching, a cami, bodysuit, or a gauzy cotton top. A V-neck is always flattering! In the summer months, I’d go for something soft and cool. You can be comfortable without compromising style. If you’re looking for tops that cover your arms, you’ll find some breezy, lightweight options here.

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3) Third Layer

The next step is to add a third layer… this will look different depending on the climate you live in.  I’m finding on our cross-country road trip, the temps can jump from chilly to hot really quickly…but it’s always nice to have the option of a third layer. And if you’re like me, having a jacket or cardigan for the freezing cold restaurants is a must!  For summer, I love a denim jacket or a lightweight blazer like the one above, or even a white button-down layered over a cami.  That 3rd layer adds visual interest to your outfit and also keeps your arms covered when you need it!

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4) Accessories

Next you’ll want to add some sort of accessory to elevate your look. Whatever you’re feeling like that day. A cuff bracelet, a really cool cocktail ring, a fun pair of sunglasses, a belt, or a summer hat! I’ve talked about the “hat effect” before. A hat instantly takes your summer outfit to that next level. I brought this one on my trip. Just choose one statement piece and add it to your look.

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5) Shoes

Now you’ll want to choose your shoes which will be determined by what your day looks like, how dressy you want to be, and how much walking you’ll be doing. This could be wedges, sandals, or sneakers depending on the function or activity. If you are running to the grocery store, you might want a comfy pair of sandals but you can easily swap those out for sky-high wedges or a block heel sandal if you’re going out to dinner later that evening.

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6) Handbag

The last key piece of your summer outfit formula is an awesome handbag. There’s nothing fresher and more modern than a white bag in the summer! You can find modestly priced options and designer options at every price point. I’ve been using my white leather Bottega Veneta bag on my trip and it’s been super versatile! Just find something unique that feels elegant and sophisticated and really adds a pop to your look. Be strategic about this purchase because it’s a key piece of your perfect summer outfit formula!

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Outfit Formula

Jeans + Top + Jacket + Cute Shoes + Handbag = Perfect Outfit!

Do you have an outfit formula you love? Please share in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “How To Create The Perfect Everyday Outfit Using This Never Fail Formula!

  1. Good morning Erin and followers,
    I agree with you about the need for a ‘go-to’ outfit, but for those of us who wear fewer trousers looks and more skirts/dresses, I can’t stress enough the help that a goodly number of skirts can be. If i am brain-dead in the morning, i start by picking out a skirt, then a good basic top, and then the magic third piece–jacket, scarf, neklace, vest… Your own favorites will guide the specifics, but this is my method.–Anne

    1. Yes… exactly! The style uniform is individual to each person. For you, it’s a skirt and for me it’s denim. You just want to have a go-to formula that you can depend on when you need to look great in a hurry! xo

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