8 Trendy Wellness Products Every Woman Over 40 Should Own

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Cool IG Wellness Products

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, wellness products dominate your scroll more than ever before. The shift toward personal health and wellness reflects where we’re heading as a society. Collectively, we seem to want to do more to improve our lives. For example, we want better nutrition, better fitness, and better sleep. And we want to be able to manage self-care ourselves and at home. The wellness companies have heard you and are creating products that do just that. But there are some products that are really getting some traction. And consumers rate these products highly too. These products range from wearable tech that improves your meditation practice or calms menopausal hot sleeping, to chocolate that delivers more health benefits than you thought possible (yay!), to clean beauty that delivers clear results. There’s even a safety necklace that is a must-have for every woman in your life – but also makes a great gift for any young, college-bound female.

Here are 8 new, trendy wellness products you’ve probably seen on Instagram…and that are worth paying attention to!

Which of these products are you most likely to try? Are there any IG products that have improved your health and wellness? Let me know in the comments!

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Unique Herbal Blends

An adaptogen company with an herbal blend for almost every wellness need you could have... from your skin to your gut to calming you down. The reviews for this product are great and the ingredients are well-sourced and natural.

A Multi-Vitamin For Your Skin

Clean beauty at its best! This company delivers amazing results using healthy ingredients. This ultra-hydrating face mist refreshes and replenishes your skin. It's packed with antioxidants and will also set your makeup.

Smart Jewelry

This is one I hope you never need, but it is also one you really should have. The necklace doubles as security. With one click you can get a fake phone call, alert your friends to your location, or call 911. It's ideal for any female and offers peace of mind!

Sleep Tracking Pad

This wellness pad tracks your sleep, so you know how hard you can push yourself, or if you should back off and take a rest. You’ll also be able to see patterns and get insights into your nightly sleep habits.

Get Some Sleep!

If you wake up feeling tired, or if you struggle to fall asleep, this sleep cooling system may help you. The cooling device and mattress pad keep your body at an optimal sleep temperature, so you can maximize your rest. This could be ideal for menopausal sleep issues too!

Mindful Meditation

This stone-shaped device pairs with headphones and an app to guide you through a mindfulness meditation routine. It uses vibrations to enhance your practice. There are guides for all personalities and times of day, so you’ll get what you need from each session.

Healthy Chocolate!

If you ever wished for chocolate to be healthy food, here you go. The cocoa is raw and sugar-free. Plus it also combines the power of adaptogens and super herbs to up the health benefits. I warn you, the recipes and videos are addictive.

Easy Access Superfoods

If you love your smoothies but hate prepping for them, here’s your answer. The powders are great on their own or with additional ingredients. Just add to water or your favorite milk beverage, and shake. They are easy to use and the bonus recipes are amazing!
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  1. Hey Beautiful. I have nut allergies and ginger too…alas. It would be great if you could showcase supplements that are nut free. Just a suggestion. I am trying to find a bovine Not marine collegen. Mwah💙

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