10 Timeless Pieces that NEVER Go Out of Style…You Will Wear These Closet Essentials for YEARS!

Timeless Wardrobe Essentials

Have you ever bought something, wore it for a season, and then felt like it was out of style a year later? We’ve all been there! In this post and corresponding video, I’m sharing 10 timeless pieces you’ll wear for years and years and years. These are the closet essentials that never go out of style and are closet must-haves…

If you want to see even more examples for each essential below, make sure you watch the corresponding video!


Timeless Wardrobe Essentials

#1) High-Quality Jewelry

The first timeless essential is…high-quality jewelry! I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve had to throw out or donate over the years. I would buy super inexpensive, trendy pieces of jewelry just to end up having to get rid of them because they were badly tarnished or even just fell apart. Over the past ~5 years, I’ve decided to stop buying those kinds of jewelry pieces. Instead, I invest in high-quality pieces I know will last a lifetime. There are three main pieces you need in your closet…

timeless jewelry diamond tennis ring


When it comes to jewelry, I like to wear impactful pieces that aren’t too overpowering. Everyone’s style is different so you can pick and choose what you like. I love wearing multiple rings, mixing and matching my pieces, and bringing in multiple metal tones. The rings I’m wearing above are some of my newest jewelry additions by Monica Vinader. Monica Vinader is my go-to jewelry brand that I talk about all the time. All of their pieces are 18k gold vermeil covered, which is super high-quality and keeps them from tarnishing. It helps them last much longer and keeps them looking beautiful so I can wear them for years to come.

I’ve been building my Monica Vinader jewelry collection for years and I love that they all easily mix and match and work seamlessly together. You can wear all of the rings I’m wearing (above) or just grab one and see if that’s impactful enough for you…again, everyone’s style is different. By the way, any of these pieces make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Plus, the packaging is so beautiful that you don’t even have to worry about gift wrapping!

What I’m Wearing

Pointer Finger: I love Monica Vinader’s Riva line and this diamond ripple cocktail ring is gorgeous! You could stack it, mix and match it, or wear it on its own.
Middle Finger: The wrap ring I’m wearing on my middle find is gold vermeil plated, has a gorgeous diamond detail, and is simple but still packs a punch.
Ring Finger: I decided to add some gold stackable rings to my wedding ring stack to bring in some gold. I love mixing gold and silver tones and this is a pretty and easy way to do it.
Right Hand: This is a piece I like to wear on its own because the diamonds are bigger and make more of a statement. It’s a gorgeous diamond tennis ring that really packs a punch. It would also look great with a wedding ring stack!
Shop more Monica Vinader rings here.

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initial B pendant necklace


The next piece you need in your wardrobe is a high-quality, everyday necklace. I just got this pretty initial B pendant necklace and love how dainty it is. It’s great for layering and I love the personalization piece. Sometimes initial necklaces can be hit or miss depending on the “font” of the letter. But this one is really unique and I love the double line on the straight part of the B. It can extend to 18” too so you can wear it longer or shorter. At only $135, it’s a GREAT gift for mom or yourself…and you’ll wear it for years!
Shop more Monica Vinader necklaces here.

Riva diamond ripple earrings


The third main jewelry piece you should have in your closet is a gorgeous pair of earrings you can wear every day. I’m wearing the Riva diamond ripple earrings above and just think they’re so timeless and beautiful. I love that they’re big enough to have impact but small enough to wear every day with all of your other everyday jewelry and it’s not too much! They’re pricey, but the gold vermeil, subtle diamonds, and how much I wear them make them so worth the investment.
Shop more Monica Vinader earrings here.

Don’t forget, you can use EBUSBEE20 to get 20% off your entire Monica Vinader purchase!


Timeless Wardrobe Essentials - handbag

#2) Handbag

The next piece to have in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time is a simple, structured handbag. I would go for one that’s higher quality so it lasts longer. It doesn’t need to be designer like Chanel, Celine, Dior, etc. But I would plan to budget about $200-$400 for a really luxe, high-quality bag with some structure to it. The more minimal it is, the longer it’ll feel relevant. It’ll also feel more versatile. The hardware, branding/logos, texture, etc. will matter when determining the longevity of the bag too. Look for a bag with very minimal hardware, a simple and classic shape, in a versatile color like brown, black, or taupe, in a luxe fabric like leather.

High quality neutral scarf

#3) Neutral Scarf

Next up is a neutral scarf. You could go with something more affordable for this one, but again…if you really want these pieces to last, they should be a little more high-quality, which means you’ll need to make a bit of an investment. But again, you’ll wear it for years and when you consider cost-per-wear…it’s worth it! I could go out and buy 4-5 new scarves but that’s not very sustainable and I would much prefer to have one scarf I really love that lasts for years.

I have a Dior scarf I bought 4 years ago that I still wear ALL the time. It’s in pristine condition because it’s so high-quality that it doesn’t get beat up and wears really well. It’s beautiful, I love the neutral color scheme, and it’s really been a heavy hitter for me.

We linked a few options below but when you’re picking out your scarf, think about what will work in your wardrobe. I have a gray and black one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer that has more white, beige, and tan tones in it. If you’re only going to buy one, I’d go with something in the black or gray color family because it’ll be most versatile for most women’s wardrobes.

Aviator Sunglasses for women over 40

#4) Aviator Sunglasses

There are so many different sunglasses styles that come and go. At one point we were all wearing giant oversized sunglasses, then we were wearing skinny 90s-esque sunglasses, and now pretty much every style is on-trend! But if you want to get one pair of sunglasses that will stand the test of time, I’d go with a pair of sporty aviators. Aviators are really cool but super classic. If you have a pair of high-quality aviators they’ll last a really long time. If you already have your aviators covered, I’d also recommend getting one glam pair of sunglasses.

Jimmy Choo Romy black pumps | Timeless Wardrobe Essentials

#5) Pointed Toe Pumps

The next essential is pointed-toe pumps. Don’t get me wrong…square and rounded toes are very in right now and I love a trend. But a pointed-toe pump is a classic, timeless option. I have quite a few pairs of pointed-to pumps including a pair of pink pumps I’ve had for almost 10 years, a new pair by Dior that have a trendier slingback, and of course, my go-to black Jimmy Choo pumps. They’re a great, high-quality option but if you’re looking for something more affordable, the Sam Edelman pumps are a wonderful option too.

stuart weitman black sock booties | Timeless Wardrobe EssentialsTimeless Wardrobe Essentials

#6) Sock Booties

This is something I never thought I’d say was a classic wardrobe essential, but I’ve been wearing my sock booties for…a decade! They work so well with skirts and dresses because of how they fit the ankle and leg. But they also work beautifully with most denim silhouettes. I love how elegant and refined a pair of sock booties look and they’re SO sexy and versatile. I’ve been wearing my black Stuart Weitzman sock booties for years so I decided to also invest in a pair of light beige sock booties by Paris Texas (right) too and really love how they look with my summery skirts and dresses.

Golden Goose sneakers | Timeless Wardrobe Essentials

#7) White Sneakers

I am SO happy that white sneakers have stuck around for so long. There was a point in the early 90s and 00s when white sneakers were considered a “no-no” but thankfully that has changed! I love how sneakers have really evolved and we have so many elevated options now. I’d say that every woman now owns a chic pair of sneakers…but if you don’t, we’re linking a few options below. I would recommend going with a pair of leather sneakers rather than cotton for easier care. There are sleek sneakers, retro options, and SO many more options so you can really find a pair that speaks to you and your personal style.

high quality straight leg jeans

#8) Straight-Leg Jeans

With the gazillion denim silhouettes out there, it can be confusing to decide which jeans to wear right now. But when in doubt, go with a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans. They’ll be the easiest to style and the most timeless. The L’Agence straight-leg jeans I’m wearing above are SO good that I bought them twice…one I cut so I could wear them with flat shoes and the other I left long to wear with heels and wedges.

By the way, if you’re not sure what basics you really need in your closet, make sure you check out my course, Style Made Simple!

classic timeless wardrobe for women

#9) White Button-Up Shirt

This one should come as no surprise! A high-quality white button-up shirt is a solid investment and you really don’t have to spend that much to get a great one. One of my favorites is the Rails button-up that has a gauzy, lightweight material that makes it more casual. You can wear it as a coverup, do a half or full tuck into jeans, pants, or shorts, and roll the sleeves up or keep them down. The styling options are endless and it’s SO versatile. If you want something more polished, Frank & Eileen have beautiful button-ups.

Timeless Wardrobe Essentials -  black blazerblack Balmain double breasted blazer

#10) Blazer

The last closet essential every woman should have in her wardrobe that will never go out of style is…a tailored blazer! There are so many details that go into finding the perfect blazer. Right now, oversized blazers are very on-trend. But a classic, tailored, one-button, fitted blazer is the most classic, timeless option. My go-to blazers are my Veronica Beard one-button blazer and my Balmain double-breasted blazer that I’ve had for years.

By the way, did a full blazer guide on how a blazer should fit and blazer options for different body types in this post that’s a must-read if you’re searching for your perfect blazer.

Which of these timeless wardrobe essentials are you going to tackle first? Let us know in the comments below!

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