Give Your Summer Wardrobe A Refresh with These 10 Chic Shoe Trends for 2023

Shoe Trends

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to refresh your wardrobe each season is with shoes! There are so many options at different price points so you can always find a pair of shoes that work for you. Below, I’m sharing the hottest shoe trends of 2023 so you can update your wardrobe with fresh, exciting, modern pieces. Trends come and go so only try trends that light you up and that you’re excited to wear! I always say you should spend 80% of your budget on basics and 20% on trends. Let’s dive in…

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing more examples of all of these shoe trends, make sure you check out the corresponding video here. Plus, I shared the most wearable fashion trends for women over 40 in this post if you want to check that out next!

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women’s shoe trends 2023 marc fisher woven platform heels

#1) Platforms

I’m very excited about this trend! Platform heels, platform sneakers, platform sandals…the options are endless! I’m 5’4” so I really love the added height that a platform shoe gives. When I put on a pair of platforms, I instantly feel powerful, strong, and tall. If you’re already tall, this might not be your favorite trend. But if you’re shorter, definitely try this one out! You can wear your platform heels with a pair of trousers, jeans, or a beautiful dress. Or try out some platform sneakers with a pair of jeans or shorts.

Some high-end designer examples are Valentino, Versace, and Prada. I also linked some of the platforms I own like the See by Chloe wedges I rave above all the time and my Chloe platform sneakers. I recently purchased the Sam Edelman platforms (above on the left) and LOVE them! They’re pretty comfortable considering they have a 5.” heel…yes, over 5 INCHES! If you want to try a slightly lower heel, I also love the Marc Fisher platforms (on the right). They have a natural jute fabric that feels very summery to me, they’re comfortable, and very wearable. Find more picks at different price points below…

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Dior Slingbacks Shoe Trends

#2) Slingbacks

Slingbacks have been on-trend for a while but they’re having a big resurgence right now. We’re seeing super modern options with pointed toes, in modern colors, and all different heel heights. I bought the Dior slingbacks and love them but there are tons of more affordable options out there. I linked some options below. If you’re interested in other designer options, check out Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Dior.

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Sculptural Shoes | Shoe Trends 2023

#3) Sculptural Shoes

It feels like we’ve been talking about sculptural shoes for a while, but the trend has really grown in popularity lately. Shoes with sculptural details really pack a punch and make a statement. These are the outfit-making shoes you’ll wear for special occasions or just to add some pop to your jeans outfit. Some designers to look at are Bottega Veneta, Loewe, and Cult Gaia. I recently purchased these gold, L-shaped heels by Cult Gaia that are serious show-stoppers. They will require some break in time, but they’re so beautiful I think they are worth it!

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Ballet flats | Shoe Trends 2023

#4) Ballet Flats

While doing the research for this video and post, I was a little surprised to see that ballet flats are making a comeback! We’re seeing them with updated twists like a strap over the top of the foot, in different color and fabric combinations, and with different toe shapes (like square). The wonderful thing about ballet flats is that they are very wearable, comfortable, versatile, and practical! If you’re interested in some designer options, check out Chloe, Loeffler Randall, and Mui Mui. The Mui Mui ballet flat has been named the “it” shoe of the season by many style websites. But I’ve linked some more options to choose from below. I bought the pair of Fendi flats I’m wearing above about 2 years ago and really love them, so I’ll be breaking those out again this spring/summer!

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Mary Janes Shoe Trends

#5) Mary Janes

This is a very polarizing shoe trend… Which side are you on? Love them or loathe them? Let us know in the comments at the very bottom of this post. During my trip to Paris, I bought these shoes (above) that are kind of a combination of a Mary Jane, a platform, and a sculptural heel. I have to admit they were a little out of my comfort zone, but they grew on me. I really love how interesting and special they are! The ones I got are pretty unique, but there are Mary Janes out there that are much more classic and wearable.

I’m going to predict that this trend will continue into fall/winter. So, if you can find the right pair of versatile Mary Janes, you’ll probably be able to wear them for a while. Some designers to look at are Valentino, Dior, and Christian Louboutin. We also linked some affordable options below in case you do love the trend!

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Gold Espadrilles

#6) Espadrilles

Espadrilles are another trend that has been “in” for a while. But right now, they’re really on-trend and there are tons of options out there. I’m going to do a full review of the Valentino Rockstud espadrilles (above) very soon. But spoiler alert…they’re really good! Espadrilles are a great pair of shoes to have in your closet for spring and summer. You’ll wear them with skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, and trousers…they’re VERY versatile, comfortable, and chic. Some of my favorite brands for espadrilles are See by Chloe, Castaner, Tory Burch, and Marc Fisher. For designer options, look at Prada and Stella McCartney.

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Cage Shoes | Shoe Trends

#7) Cage Shoes

When it comes to cage shoes, think lots and lots of straps…so they kind of look like your feet are in a cage. They’re also referred to as fisherman sandals or shoes. This is one of those trends I’ll probably skip just because it doesn’t feel like me. I might try shoes with an open, woven detail that’s cage-like though. The Valentino sandals are a great example of a rendition of this trend. Some high-end designer examples are Bottega Veneta, Chloe, and Christian Louboutin.

For a full review of the Valentino sandals, sizing info, and more, check out this post.

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#8) Elevated Thong

Thong sandals have made a big comeback since the 90s but this time they’re a little more elevated. I don’t love my feet so the thong sandal trend might not be one I try. But if you love your feet, go for it! For high-end designer options, look at Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent, and Veronica Beard. I’m linking more elevated thong sandals below…

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Sporty Sandals | Shoe Trends

#9) Sporty Sandals

This trend is heavily inspired by the original Teva and Birkenstock sandals. They typically have two straps over the top of the foot, a strap around the back, and a thicker sole. Even high-end designers have come out with versions of these sandals that give that elevated, sporty feel…even Chanel, Fendi, and Prada have options!

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chloe platform sneakers

#10) Sneakers

Sneakers are still going very strong. We’ve been talking about them for years and I’m so happy this trend stuck around. There’s everything from retro sneakers to chunky sneakers to white sneakers…really anything goes! This means you can really wear any style of sneaker that works for you. For spring and summer, I suggest getting a white leather sneaker that’s versatile and will work well with what you have in your closet (look at Golden Goose or Veja). You could also do a cool tan suede option like this pair by Rag & Bone that I now have in three colors! I’ve linked a few options below.

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Golden Goose superstar sneakers

More Shoe Trends

These trends are less wearable but I still wanted to share them in case they speak to you. Plus, it’s always helpful to know what’s going on in the fashion world so you feel modern and current.

Chrystal embellishments
Floral embellishments
Netting details

Which of these shoe trends are you going to try out this spring/summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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