Top 10 Most Coveted Designer Handbags (& Dupes for Less!)

Top Ten Designer Handbags

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Top 10 High End, Designer Handbags

There are three categories I always advise that you invest a bit more money in: coats/jacket, shoes/boots and handbags.

Your bag is something you carry almost daily. Even if you are wearing a tee and jeans, a high quality bag can elevate your whole outfit.

The bags above are VERY expensive so I thought it would be great to share both my favorite high-end, wish list bags, and some lower priced, similar options below.

Shop High End Bags

#1 and #2 (above), the Chanel Boy Bag and Gucci Marmont bag, are two of the most popular among bloggers.
The Gucci Marmont bag in black is one of Reward Style’s top sellers for the year!

I think the gold hardware and shape of #3 and #10 make them edgier options.

If you want a handbag that’s bigger, check out #4#5 and #8.

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I invested in a Chloe Nile (#6) bag last year, and I’ve been really happy with it!
The bracelet hardware, subtle logo and cross-body functionality make it a heavy hitter for me. I can also fit my huge iPhone in the bag.
The Chloe Faye (#9) is also a wonderful bag that is very popular, and on trend.
Chloe just came out with another design, “The Pixie” that is destined to be an ‘it’ bag for fall.
I also really like this Chloe shoulder bag.

Shop more Chloe handbags here.

Bags For Less

If you’re shopping for dupes…avoid heavy hardware (like buckles and studs) it will be more obvious the bag isn’t real.
Sticking to darker colors (think black, navy, burgundy) and genuine leather will also help!

One of the most popular Chanel boy bag dupes is the “Love” crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff.
There are SO many colors and options now. Shop them here.

Other Resources

If you want to get a designer handbags for a LOT less…
Be sure to check online consignment stores like Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal.
You can get gently used, authenticated, high-end bags for much less than retail.

Vestiaire Collective Picks

The RealReal Picks

Selfridges Picks (for UK Readers)

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