Holiday Gift Guide For Moms of VSCO Girls & Teenagers

Elevated VSCO Girl Gifts

Oh, this was SO fun. It brought me right back to the 80’s. If you have a teenager daughter at home, chances are pretty good she is totally into this trend.

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What Is A VSCO Girl?

So what exactly IS a VSCO girl? This is a brand new thing to describe young girls who often use the photo editing app called VSCO. Technically, with that definition, even I could be considered a VSCO girl because I’ve used that app for years, but there is a bit more to it. Let’s dive in! VSCO girls are conscious shoppers, meaning they like to buy things from sustainable, cleaner brands and they prefer multi-functional pieces. There are also several trends associated with VSCO girls like neon colors and scrunchies (on their wrists).

This guide includes my picks for the discerning VSCO girl as well as for you… the moms!

Gifts For Moms of VSCO Girls, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing the best gifts for moms of VSCO girls including silk hair ties, cool water bottles, high waisted jeans, belt bag, and more!

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#1 | Water Bottle

VSCO girls are known for always having a reusable water bottle. The Hydro Flask is the most popular. But I wanted to give you a nicer option with added benefits. This water bottle has a press that juices fruit to create tastier water! I want one!

#2 | Veja Sneakers

The sneaker trend is HUGE right now. Take advantage! These Veja sneakers are super stylish and would make a great gift. I shared my love for Veja in this blog post. They’ll take a few wears to completely break them in. But then they’re really comfortable! (The way they manufacture is also sustainable and eco-friendly.)

#3 | Silk Hair Ties

Scrunchies are very popular with VSCO girls. Can you believe that!? Everything comes back around, except the girls are wearing them on their wrists more like bracelets. Instead of the brightly colored scrunchies, try these silk hair ties. They’re pretty and won’t crease your hair!

#4 | Necklace

VSCO girls like to wear choker necklaces with charms, shells, etc. So I wanted to give you a nice necklace option that’s subtler and would be great for you too.

#5 | Senreve Backpack

This Senreve tote is SO lovely! I featured it in this post. I’ve been searching for a nice tote/backpack that I love as much as my old Henri Bendel backpack (still so sad they went out of business!) and this one is BEAUTIFUL! It holds a laptop and has great pockets inside the bag to hold all the things you need for the office or a trip! Converting from a tote to a backpack is SO easy. It takes seconds.

#6 | Anine Bing Graphic Tee

Graphic, cropped tees are another big trend. I’m not a huge graphic tee fan. But I recently bought this Anine Bing tee and LOVE it! It feels more abstract and less ‘message-y’.

#7 | Airpods

It seems like everything is walking around with Airpods now! These are a great gift for anyone on your list!

#8 | Camera

This camera is perfect for any VSCO girl or mom! It has a ton of amazing features and takes great photos. And the best part is that you can download all of the photos directly to your phone!

#9 | Prada Belt Bag

You’ve probably noticed that fanny packs are very trendy right now. Instead of a normal fanny pack…get a cool belt bag! This one a Prada belt bag and pretty pricey. But you can treat yourself or put it on your wish list! For more on belt bags, check out this post. This one turns into the most elegant clutch with a gold chain shoulder strap making it absolutely perfect for travel.

#10 | High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are a must-have! I love how they keep everything in and make me feel secure. A new pair of jeans is always a nice gift! This pair is by Agolde, have a 12.5” rise, and kind of gives off that 90s jean vibe that’s so on-trend now.

#11 | Quay Sunglasses

I love Quay sunglasses! They’re a good price point and high quality. This pair has a cool shape and oversized fit. They’re a great stocking stuffer too!

#12 | Rosebud Salve

This salve is a lifesaver! You can use it on your lips, cuticles, dry spots, cuts, burns, etc. It’s super hydrating and so nice to just throw in your purse to use whenever needed! It’s also clean if you’re interested in clean beauty!

Gifts For VSCO Girls

If you’re a mom shopping for her VSCO girl, here are a few great options…

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