Meet Another One Of Our Amazing Writers… Introducing Wellness Expert Julianna Cario!

Meet The Writers

If you’ve been around for a while, you no doubt have read posts from our amazing writing team in the Beauty, Lifestyle, Home and Wellness categories. Well, today as we continue our Meet The Writers series, we’d like to formally introduce you to our amazing Wellness writer, Julianna Cario! Julianna covers topics ranging from fitness to nutrition to self-care and she does so with impeccable research mixed with a dash of good humor and inspiration. Wonder if you can wear a crop top, how to say no and set boundaries, or if it’s possible to have better sex after menopause? Well, Julianna has ALL the details for you and we’re so delighted to have her on board as an invaluable part of our writing team!

You’ll find all of Julianna’s Wellness posts here.

julianna cario, wellness writer for Busbee Style

All About Julianna

Finding the best wellness writer for the site was not an easy task, that is until we met Julianna! I knew instantly she’d be the perfect addition to our team of experts. Julianna has lived in Pittsburgh nearly all her life and her family roots run deep in Western PA.  A former secondary English teacher, Julianna recently turned to writing as her full-time profession. It allows her to live out her passion to “tell a good story”. She says she turned to Busbee Style a couple of years ago after realizing her days of spit-up and Play-Doh were nearing an end and she needed to spruce up her wardrobe! As an avid reader and self-proclaimed outdoorsy kind of gal, when not chasing her four young sons (yes, four!), you’ll find her in her Zen place…her garden.

For Julianna, being outside is a form of self-care, so that’s where her love of gardening sprouted (pun intended 😉 ). When Pittsburgh weather keeps her indoors, she’s not one to sit still. She’ll keep her mind as active and engaged as her body with her latest hobby…relearning French! Her passion for writing about health and wellness stems from her own wellness journey. Learning about what serves her best, and why, inspires her to help other women feel their best too. She commits 100% to our mission of supporting and energizing our valued community of 40+ women. And, she’ll do the research to help make sense of the constantly changing information that’s out there. So you won’t have to!

Julianna debunks the latest fad diets with all the practical facts. She’ll encourage you to benefit from healthy eating with a sustainable approach to a healthful lifestyle. Her writing and research lead her to learn about mindset and thought work and it’s something she wholeheartedly embraces. She’ll tell you straight-up the importance of doing the hard work of reframing thoughts and believing in positivity. She shares how this allows you to step into new identities and create your dream future. So, she’s not just “telling the tale”, she living it!

julianna cario, wellness writer for Busbee Style

The Favorites!

It’s hard to choose which of Julianna’s posts are my personal favorites. But, here’s a shortlist of eye-opening posts with those “wow” or “ah ha” moments…And, keep scrolling for some of Julianna’s favorite self-care items that you are sure to love.

11 Tips To Having Better Sex After Menopause. Ready For Great Sex?
These 6 Innovative Health  & Wellness Trends May Surprise You
How To Get Better Sleep With These Sleep Routine Essentials
Confused About Which Diet Is Right For You? 
How To Reduce Signs Of Aging and Improve Your Skin From The Inside Out

Do you have any burning questions for Julianna or any wellness topics you’d love her to explore? Please leave us a note in the comments. If you don’t want to miss any of our amazing blog content, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter here where you can stay in the loop on all the latest and greatest!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Julianna's Must Have Items

Live Conscious Collagen Peptides
This has been a game-changer. I take it with my coffee every morning, and the difference in my hair and nails has been amazing! My nails used to never be able to grow beyond a certain length- they always split and ripped. Now, I have strong nails that actually grow!
Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion
BeautyCounter is a clean beauty company, so that’s already a plus for me. This lotion gives my dry and moderately sensitive skin a healthy glow without feeling too greasy.
Andalou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum
Since I’ve started using this serum, my skin has become visibly more youthful and supple. And as a busy mom, having that “I got 8 hours of sleep” look in a bottle is worth it.
LMNT Electrolyte Hydration Powder
Did you know that one of the first signs of dehydration is feeling fatigue? And depending on our diets, sometimes water isn’t enough. I’ve noticed that if I’m fighting an afternoon slump and use one of these, my energy picks back up. It doesn’t have sugar, so that’s why I choose it. But it tastes great too. My kids love the Watermelon flavor. I go for Citrus.
Soda Stream
I love seltzer water, but I dislike how much waste buying seltzer creates. When I finally got my SodaStream, I couldn’t believe I waited so long! It’s easy to make fun drinks, and the canister recycling program is easy to use too.
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  1. Happy to meet you. In the era of Covid, self-care has become so important to me. Like others I have experienced losses and the only way I have been able to move forward with life is to give myself permission to grieve and to heal by any means necessary. Time set aside for myself and by myself is key. Thank you for your insight. Enjoy each day it’s a GIFT!!!!

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