These Elegant Throw Pillows Will Make Your Couch (And You) Happy!

These Elegant Throw Pillows Will Make Your Couch Happy, neutral pillows, throw pillows, spring pillows

Pillow Talk

There are just some things that always baffle me. Why do I put on perfume for Zoom calls? Why is it that while trying to convince websites I’m not a “robot”, I never click all the traffic lights and bicycle boxes the first time around? And, why, oh why am I so obsessed with throw pillows? Pillows are a quick and easy way to dress up your couch, play with new color palettes, and bring seasonality into your space. So, I guess that is the answer to my own question! The various textures and fabrics are really fun to play with.

That said, while I do love swapping and changing my pillows and my collection is vast, there does come a point when you can have too many on your couch. Depending on the size of your furniture, 3-6 is probably a good number to keep in mind. More than that can become impractical and then they end up on the floor (I’m guilty!). Pillows should be a pretty accent! Since spring has sprung and summer is just down the road, we wanted to share some fresh new pillow picks. These elegant throw pillows will make your couch happy … and they are affordable too!

For a few more tips on how to make your home look elegant, check out this post.
Ok, are you a pillow addict? How many do you have on your couch (or in your linen closet)? I can’t be the only one.

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Neutral Pillows

I have really been into neutrals lately - especially when mixed with blues and other earth tones. The fabric on this cream pillow cover (you’ll need an insert!) is high-end and looks expensive. I love the mud-cloth texture. I also like the subtle pattern of this beige and ivory option. Pillow covers can be removed, washed and stored easily if your linen closet is full, like mine.
African Mudcloth Pillow Cover
Kingston Natural Pillow Cover

A Pillow For All Seasons

I own this pillow and it’s the one that (for me) works for all seasons. The faux leather portion is a bit fall/winter while the ivory half is more spring/summer. It’s a keeper - a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll! I'm linking both the pillow cover option and the full pillow option.
Indi, Textured Fabric + Faux Leather
MoDRN Industrial Mixed Material Pillow

Bullseye Boutique Pillows

I have to admit, I do buy many of my pillows at Target (the Bullseye Boutique!). With teen boys, a dog, and my ever-changing pillow moods, sometimes it's the best way to get a “fix” and then if it doesn’t last forever, that’s OK. I’ve been on a blue kick lately, and own both of these.
Modern Stitched Square Throw Pillow – Project 62
Center Stripes Tassel Throw Pillow – Hearth & Hand

Elegance & Quality

Pottery Barn is another great option for quality throw pillows that will last more than one season. Tonal or tone-on-tone pillow groupings are very on-trend right now.
Reed Striped Lumbar Pillow Covers
Tonal Palette Lilo Pillow Collection – Grays


Let’s not forget about the convenience of pretty indoor/outdoor pillows. As the weather warms and we spend more time in our backyards, it’s a great idea to have a couple on hand that you can pull outside for an al fresco dinner, but also still use indoors. These few are especially elegant and serve that dual purpose.
Somerset Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Textured Ronan Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
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