Beautiful Designer Handbags You’ll See (And Love!) This Fall

Fall Designer Handbags

Whether you’re shopping for the hottest new designer handbags or just love to look, this list is perfect for you! I’m sharing modern, luxe, and versatile designer handbags for fall…

Handbags are worth the investment because they will elevate even the most basic look. If you are wearing jeans and a tee, add a swanky bag and you automatically look more expensive! Designer bags also make an impression. They say …I mean business. If you have a great job or hope to secure a great job, dressing in a more high-end way might help you get that promotion. If you are going to a soiree that feels a bit out of your league, don’t underestimate the power of the designer handbag. You don’t have to be friends with any of these people, but with help from the bag, you can make a great impression!  (The sharp and witty small talk is on you.)

These bags are all REALLY expensive so please don’t go into debt or spend more than you can just to get a designer bag. In that case, you always go for a mid-range bag, rent your bags through sites like Rent the Runway and Bag, Borrow or Steal or look at consignment options through sites like The Real Real.

If you’re interested in more of my favorite luxury fall fashion finds, make sure you check out this post.

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Dior Saddle Bag

I didn’t include this bag in my roundup below because it needed a section all to itself! It’s a show-stopper. I love the unique Dior shape and the size is perfect for carrying all your essentials. I ended up ordering an embroidered shoulder strap so I can wear it as a cross-body too! The unique shape, cool D ring hardware, and gorgeous hazelnut color make this the perfect, on-trend (but still incredibly versatile) year-round handbag!

Keep scrolling for all of my favorite designer handbags for fall AND the best handbag trends!


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Fall Handbag Trends

Every year there are new trendy bags that you see all over Instagram and on the arms of celebrities. But sometimes those bags aren’t the most versatile. I tried to find bags that follow some of the trends but are still very versatile in my search. Because we want to be able to carry these investment pieces for a while! Don’t worry, I threw in a few fun, wildcard options too. Here are some of the fall handbag trends in case you’re curious! Plus, more about each of my favorite below…

  1. Elevated Hardware – Chains, interesting handles, architectural hardware details, and gold logos and accents…any bag with unique hardware is IN!
  2. Unique & Slouchy Shapes – Any out-of-the-ordinary shapes that aren’t classic silhouettes are back…but don’t worry, those classic styles aren’t going out of style!
  3. Back To Basics – Old classics like the Gucci Jackie bag, the Loewe Flamenco, and Prada Cleo were reintroduced last fall into the fashion scene and are still going strong.
  4. Furry – This trend isn’t my favorite but it’s worth mentioning and I did include an option in my picks. Puffy, furry, shearling bags are having a moment.
  5. Preppy – Think anything with plaid, tartan, houndstooth or traditionally “preppy” prints.
  6. Crescent Bags – Crescent bags have been on trend for a while so if you bought one in the last few years, it’s definitely still on trend.
  7. Totes – Totes are BIG right now. And I don’t just mean on-trend. The bigger the tote, the better. I’m personally thrilled that the non-functional micro-mini handbags are out.
  8. Clutch It – In addition to big totes, smaller clutches are also in!
  9. Glitter – Sparkly, glittery, shiny bags are great for evening wear but we’re seeing lots of daytime sparkles too. This Cult Gaia bag has become one of the most popular within the trend.
  10. Barbiecore – This trend spans across all of fashion, not just handbags. The color pink is having a moment.

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Tom Ford Bianca

How gorgeous is the gold top handle on this bag!? Combined with the gold chain strap and silhouette of the bag, it’s the perfect mix of trendy and classic!

Gucci Jackie

The Gucci Jackie bag was originally designed in the 1950s and gained popularity in the 60s and 70s. In the past two years, it’s picked up even more steam! I love the classic minimalism style of it worn like a shoulder bag. But it also comes with a crossbody strap so you can transition from top handle, to shoulder bag, to crossbody.

Valentino One Stud

This chic one-stud bag by Valentino is another great option for that mix of classic and trendy. The gold hardware on the front is on-trend but minimal enough to not make TOO big of a statement while the overall silhouette of the bag is very classic. This bag also comes in the popular hot pink Barbiecore color if you’re interested in adding a pop of color to your handbag collection.

Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer

I’m not a huge fan of the furry bag trend but I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE so I wanted to give you a pretty, neutral option in case this is a trend that speaks to you! The color is really pretty and the size is great.

Loewe Flamenco

This is another older classic bag that was originally launched in the 70s but was reimagined in 2010. Now it’s hot again! You can carry this bag like a clutch by holding the iconic knotted drawstrings. Or attach the strap for a chic shoulder bag.

Jimmy Choo Ana Hobo

Big, slouchy bags are IN! This hobo bag by Jimmy Choo comes in this gorgeous suede that’s perfect for fall and winter. It also comes in a cool greenish beige color and burgundy. You can fit all of the essentials and more in this tote.

Bottega Veneta Jodie

You’ve probably seen this slouchy Bottega Veneta crescent bag on Instagram at some point. It comes in a ton of colors and different sizes. I love the deep, dark brown in this woven material. Usually when I think “woven”, I think spring/summer. But paired with this beautiful brown, it’s perfect for fall/winter too!

Anine Bing Nico

I’m seeing this bag and other Anine Bing bags everywhere right now! I love the houndstooth print. Even though it looks like beige and black, the lighter color is actually much darker in person. This is such a fun statement bag for fall and at a more attainable price point.
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  1. This is perfect timing! i 100% agree that a great bag can elevate any look. better to have one stunner than 20 that are meh. i’ve been eyeing the chloe tess bag for a while – i love the wide strap – and popped into neiman’s this afternoon to see it in person. it’s dreamy! but yes, definitely for essentials. i was able to fit a small wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses and lipgloss very cleanly. i love that both set of straps are removeable! timeless in my opinion. so happy to see it made your cut 🙂

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