An Iconic Luxury Ski Look to Standout On the Slopes This Winter

Luxury Ski Clothing

We’ve lived in Telluride, Colorado now for 3 1/2 years. We moved here as an experiment to “test it out” for a year. I wasn’t sure I could handle the winter and spring seasons after living in Texas for 8 years. Well, 3 1/2 years later… we are building a house here and have no plans to leave. It’s wonderful! (Read about how I manifested the house here.) Our current house is at the top of the mountain and close to the ski village at 9500 feet.

I’ve learned a ton of things since moving here. For example, did you know there is a sport called “Skinning?” You put “skins” on your skies, hike up a mountain slope and then downhill ski once you reach the top. The locals do this a lot when the ski resort closes down. It’s amazing exercise (I’m told ;)! Did you know there are two types of cross-country skiing?? Classic and Skate skiing. Skate skiing is REALLY hard. I prefer classic or Nordic cross-country skiing. I also learned about the existence of “EX” runs as well as “Hike To’s”. EX is short for expert ski runs. And Hike-To’s are where you hike to a higher peak and then ski down. Incidentally, my kids can not do both which really blows my mind. I’ve also learned a TON about outdoor gear…everything from snowshoes, to snow boots to ski gear.

Below I’m sharing some luxury ski clothing for those of you who really want to standout on the slopes! All of this gear is pricey, please let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do a ‘luxe for less’ roundup.


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Luxury ski clothing collage featuring Perfect moment bib ski pants in white, perfect moment white, yellow and pink ski jacket, salomon heated ski boots and POC Obex ski helmet


Ski Pants

I have these pants in black and thought I ordered them in white, but accidentally ordered the wrong pair. Oops. Sent those back. This pair is THE BEST because it really slims the mid section and feels very comfortable. I don't like the feeling of my pants digging into my waist on the chair lift. I know you might be concerned about the potty situation, but consider how many times you actually go to the bathroom while skiing. I'll bet it's once a day... max.
Perfect Moment

Ski Jacket

Isn't this jacket GORGEOUS?? I love the peplum and the belt. The colors are also so pretty and feminine. You'll have to be a little careful not to get this one covered in mud or dirt. Just don't lean on the car and you'll be fine!!
Perfect Moment

Cashmere Sweater

I wanted to bring out the lemon yellow in the ski jacket so I found this beautiful yellow cashmere sweater. Cashmere is my favorite top layer because it's lightweight, soft and VERY warm. It doesn't add a ton of bulk so you look slimmer.

Pink Ski Buff

Here's one of those things that I discovered after living here and skiing more often... a ski buff is now my go-to. I used to use the fleece buffs, but these are better because they are lightweight and you can easily adjust them to cover your mouth and nose. They can also go up over your head to keep you head even warmer.
Pink Ski Buff

Black Ski Buff

I would get one printed ski buff and one solid like this black buff. This color can make your chin, neck area look subtly slimmer.

POC Goggles

I bought the REALLY nice and expensive POC interchangeable lens googles that everyone seems to love, but they are WAY too big for my small face. I ended up getting this pair as well. Remember to buy the same brand ski googles as your helmet to ensure a seamless fit. I've made this mistake and you end up having a huge space between the top of your goggles and the lip of your ski helmet.

POC Ski Helmut

This helmet is really neat because it has built-in bluetooth technology so you can answer phone calls and play music. I always play music now while skiing, but you have to be careful doing this. I only ski on days when there are not a ton of people on the mountain so it feels safer. You can also look at Outdoor Tech's bluetooth helmet inserts. With these, you can play music wirelessly from any ski helmet.
Outdoor Tech

White Pom Pom Hat

It's really nice to have a hat you can throw on at lunch. You can also use your neck buff as a headband if you don't want to carry around your hat. This hat is lovely for apres ski outdoors or just regular winter outfits.
Adrienne Landau

Pink Pom Pom Hat

I wanted to give you a beautiful pink hat option too. Isn't this so pretty? I'm a big fan of the pearls on the hat as a feminine and interesting touch.
Myrna Beanie

Salomon Heated Ski Boots

These ski boots have built in heaters that you charge and then they keep your keep warm for hours! I bought some last year and still haven't tested them out, but am definitely going to use them this year. The other option is a pair of boot heaters. I linked some above for your reference.

Givenchy Aviator Sunglasses

You have to finish off your look with the perfect sunglasses for your slope-side outdoor lunch. Wear these on the chair lift too on days it's warm and not windy.
How To Manifest Anything, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of Busbee Style wearing an orange and blue Staud Ina dress with white sunglasses walking around in Telluride, Colorado
Erin Busbee
After a decade in TV news, a desire to help women "look pretty" sparked a career pivot. I started my own wardrobe consulting business, styling "real" women for many years. In 2014, I changed direction again, using my TV background and styling expertise to launch this website and my YouTube channel. We are now a community of nearly 700,000 dynamic, vibrant, amazing women over 40... who know that age isn't something you need to hide from. For us, life is just getting started!!
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12 thoughts on “An Iconic Luxury Ski Look to Standout On the Slopes This Winter

  1. Hi Erin! Thank you so much for this post! No one ever posts on ski gear and as a mom to a kiddo in a ski club, we’re out on the hill a few times a week. I’ve had my eye on Perfect Moment for awhile (so spot on nostalgic and fashion-forward at the same time!), but I haven’t known whether they are built for our serious North American winters. Have you found that your PM ski suit does the job? And finally – a ski boot with built-in heat! Why has this never been done before?! Lastly, I can attest that POC is worth the money. Their helmets look the best and are warm and feel extremely sturdy. Excellent advice about getting the same brand goggles. This is key!

  2. Why haven’t I gotten a pair of heated gloves before?! ????????Loved this post, but can you also give us the luxe for less version please?????????

  3. Hi Erin,
    I would love an affordable options email for this outfit. I absolutely love the jacket and bibs combo, as well as the pink hat! Can’t wait to see your finds.

  4. You and your eyebrows are gorgeous! You are my favorite blogger or life style guru or whatever! I am 20 years older and love everything you wear and all you expound.

    However, I did not like the Colleen Rothschild cream and Vitamin C as the smell was not my liking. But I love everything else you have ever recommended. Maybe I will get use to it and just use it up and have fabulous skin in spite of the smell.


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