What To Wear to a Fashion Show…Take Risks, Be Bold & Have Fun!

What To Wear to a Fashion Show

Have you ever attended or dreamt of attending a fashion show? It’s always been a dream of mine and magically…that dream came true! If you’re new here or missed it, I recently attended the 2023 Dior Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week! I shared my entire experience attending the show and staying in the exclusive La Suite Dior in this post if you’re interested.

The thought of attending a fashion show has always been SO exciting to me and when I opened my handwritten invitation to the Dior show, I felt a mix of emotions…excitement, disbelief, and gratitude. I never thought this dream would come to fruition…I’m not a major influencer with millions of followers, a well-known fashion editor, or a celebrity. Let’s just say…I had some serious imposter syndrome coming into this couture fashion world.

I always dreamed of what I would wear to a fashion show too.

Staying in La Suite Dior meant I had the opportunity to choose from a rack full of Dior clothing and guidance from four stylists to help me decide what to wear to the show. But if you don’t have this experience, it can be exciting and overwhelming to come up with a fashion show outfit. It’s a time to experiment with different colors, textures, proportions, prints, and trends. But where do you start?? I’m sharing some ideas on what to wear to a fashion show. But don’t worry…these options aren’t just for fashion shows! You can still take risks, be bold, and have fun with your clothes for special occasions, date nights, girls’ night out, or just because you feel like it…Fashion risks and fun aren’t just for the runway shows or fashion weeks! 😉

If you’re looking for more ideas on trendy women’s outfits, check out this post next with all of the best, most wearable fashion trends.

What To Wear to a Fashion Show


On-Trend Dress

There are SO many fashion show outfit combinations and fun ideas you can put together. When you’re deciding what to wear to a fashion show or special event, you should think about something that makes you feel amazing. For me, I usually feel my best in a pair of jeans and a chic blouse. But that didn’t feel right for a fashion show, so I thought about what else makes me feel good…dresses! If you’re headed to a fashion show or special event, consider starting to plan your outfit with a standout, on-trend dress. This Dior dress is the perfect mix of edgy elegance, has a flattering fit and flare silhouette, and on-trend cutouts. I love this dress and feel like it fits perfectly with my personal style. But maybe you’d feel better in a jumpsuit, printed dress, or jeans…again, it’s up to you!

For even more details on my fashion show look (and options for less), make sure you check out this post next!

paris fashion week 2023 | What To Wear to a Fashion Show

Bold Statement Accessory

The next piece you’ll need for building the perfect fashion show outfit is a bold statement accessory. I paired my Dior dress with a wide Dior belt that adds even more edge to the look. I love that it really elevated the entire look. Your statement accessory might be different…you could go with a cool hat, bold chunky necklace, printed scarf, hair accessories, large cocktail ring, on-trend sunglasses, lace gloves, statement earrings, printed tights, etc. Don’t forget, even if you’re not going to a fashion show, you can still add some fun accessories to your everyday look to take some fashion risks and get out of your comfort zone…that’s so important in style AND life!

dior patent leather platform heels Dior platform heels | What To Wear to a Fashion Show

Unique Shoes

Along the same lines, the next accessory you need is some unique shoes! The Dior shoes I’m wearing are SO cool. They’re super fashion-forward, patent leather, platform (making them easy to walk in), have an architectural heel, and have the cool double strap of a reimagined Mary Jane-style shoe. Your fashion show shoes can be whatever you want…from the most outrageous heels to classic flats.

Mini Lady Dior Bag

Must-Have Handbag

Next…you’ll want the perfect handbag to compliment your look. I’m carrying a chic little Mini Lady Dior Bag. It has the signature Dior quilting, sleek and sophisticated design, and minimal hardware that makes it a beautiful, understated piece to pair with the all-black look. If you pay attention to street-style photos, you know that the handbags women carry to fashion shows vary quite a bit. Teeny tiny bags or gigantic totes, a bright pop of color or neutral and classic, small pouch clutches or top handle bags…you’re free to choose whatever you like best!

Erin Busbee of busbee style outside Dior store in paris on 30 montaigne

Standout Outerwear

To complete the look, you need a standout piece of outerwear. You’ve probably seen street-style pictures from Paris or New York Fashion Week of women wearing gorgeous outerwear. Everything from deconstructed trenches to oversized leather jackets to bold colorful fur coats. I went a little more classic with my outerwear and opted for a Dior cape with Brandenburg closures on the front, beautiful draping, and so much drama! I wasn’t originally planning to purchase a coat or jacket to wear to the show but I loved how special, unique, and comfortable this piece was…plus, I knew I’d wear it again!

Fashion Show Audience Outfits


10 Fashion Show Audience Outfits

Black Dress with A Twist

The first fashion show audience outfit is the one you’ve seen throughout this post. I took the 5 items I listed above to create my perfect fashion show outfit. There are so many swaps I could make if I wanted to take this look in a different direction, but the classic feel of this on-trend dress felt right for the Dior show! As you can see in the photo above, my friend Marta also went with a black dress with a twist! Her dress has a ton of ruffles and drama…but gives a completely different effect. I’m sharing a few chic black dresses with a twist below that you could rock for a fashion show or special event.

bold pink statement dress paris fashion week


Bold, Colorful Dress

Bright colors can be scary to wear! But sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t typically wear colors, start small. If you love to wear colors or want to jump in head first, think about what color you get the most compliments on and go from there. I always gravitate toward pink, but maybe you prefer bright green, cobalt blue, tangerine yellow, or saffron red. Pick that color and find a glamorous dress or fun top in that color!

Sexy sheer dress in paris


Sexy, Sheer Fabrics

If you’re feeling a little risqué and want to try one of the hottest trends at the moment…sheer fabrics can be SO fun and empowering. I’m wearing a completely sheer Retrofete dress that has subtle sequins all over it. There were quite a few sheer pieces being strutted around the streets of Paris this year. My styling tips for women over 40 wanting to wear the sheer trend is coming in a blog post soon. But for this dress, I’m wearing a bodysuit and tights underneath so I still feel covered up. You could also try a slip dress underneath to cover more. Sheer is just one example of a sexy trend that’s very big right now, seen on runways, and in street style. But it doesn’t have to be sheer…pick one trend you love and take it to the max if you want to make a big statement!

what to pack for paris


Baggy Silhouettes

Another big trend you could try…baggy silhouettes! Especially baggy legs. This silky Maje jumpsuit has a flattering cinched waist and v-neckline, is super comfortable, and is one of those great basics every woman needs in her closet. I styled it with a Dior belt to cinch the waist even more and really elevate the piece. I’m wearing a pair of white and black Balmain booties I’ve had for a while and love…they’re just such a fun statement bootie and make the roomy leg look even baggier! Another big trend is tucking baggy legs into tight-fitting booties and knee-high boots, and I really love the way it looks so fashion-forward!

What To Wear to a Fashion Show


Classic Black Jumpsuit

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what to wear to a special event, consider scaling back to wear something classic. Classic pieces never go out of style! When I’m choosing a classic piece, I always make sure it has a twist. The black dress I wore to the Dior show, for example, had edgy cutouts at the bust. This Zhivago jumpsuit has edgy chain details down the bust and waist. It’s still a classic, stylish, chic piece…but with a twist!

Bold prints Paris outfits


Bold Prints

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you know that I didn’t like wearing prints a few years ago. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and really started to enjoy wearing prints. Fashion weeks or special events are a great time to have fun with some bold prints. For example, this black and white Tory Burch dress has a cool striped print all over in different directions. The print combined with the billowy drama of the dress is the perfect example of something you could wear to fashion week. I styled it with a classic blazer but you could go with a fun trench, coat, or unique unexpected jacket. Another fun option is mixing prints!

dior lace skirt | What To Wear to a Fashion Show


Unexpected Layers

Speaking of the unexpected…take a fashion risk with an unexpected layer! I’m not just talking about cool outerwear statement pieces…you can get really creative with how you layer your clothes. For example, in the outfit above I’m wearing a beautiful delicate, gold crocheted top and a cool leather skort. I added a lace maxi skirt over the skort because I loved the flowy movement and unexpected drama of it! Consider adding a mesh top over a bralette, a sweater over a dress, or a dress over pants (also very on-trend right now) for some unexpected layering!

what to pack for paris fashion week


Over-The-Top Volume

Next, try playing with volume! Oversized everything is so on-trend right now so it’s super easy to try…oversized blazers, pants, shirts, coats, etc. In this look, I’m wearing a pair of Me+Em houndstooth pants that have a super wide, oversized leg that’s really fun and unexpected.

matching white sequin blazer and wide leg pants by Rachel Zoe

red matching blazer and shorts


Power Suit

When all else fails…wear the power suit! Suiting is always a classic option you really can’t go wrong with. But don’t forget that whatever suit you choose, shouldn’t just be a basic black suit…make sure it has a little something extra that makes it special! For example, in the first image, I’m wearing what looks like a basic white suit…but it’s completely sequined! In the second image, the bold pop of color and the fact that it’s a shorts suit is what makes it unique.

chic matching set | What To Wear to a Fashion Show


Matching Sets

Similar to the suit, another go-to is a matching set…and I don’t mean your matching lounge set! 😉 A matching top and skirt, top and pants, or top and shorts are all great options for a special occasion. In the look above, I’m wearing a gorgeous Tory Burch set that’s so luxe and chic! Style it with some knee-high boots, a fabulous coat or jacket, a statement accessory, and a standout handbag and you’re ready to go!

Have you ever dreamt of going to a fashion show? Or do you have a dream to go somewhere else where you can wear a fabulous statement outfit? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your dream… Plus, writing it down and saying it out loud is the first step to making it happen!

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