Did You Know You Can Shop Your Favorite Ulta Beauty Finds At Target?

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Ulta & Target: A Beauty Lover’s Dream

I dare you to walk into Target with a list of three items and not walk out two hours later with a full shopping cart.  Yes, it’s the universal (and pleasure-filled) experience that only a Target run can bring.  After all, where else can you get a box of Oreos, jumper cables and fabulous eye cream?  But get ready ladies.  It’s going next level aaaamazing.  Ulta Beauty is launching in more than 100 Target stores (and on with plans to reach a total of 800 locations in the years to come.  But, if you’re not yet one of the lucky ones with one in your neighborhood, you can shop your favorite Ulta beauty and makeup products online NOW!  Along with a couple of Target essentials, here’s what I’m coveting from Ulta.

Have you shopped Ulta products at Target yet?  If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Click here for some of my favorite affordable beauty finds. And, for Target’s clean beauty, you might want to give this post a read.
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Benefit Gimme Brow

This classic has spawned dozens of so-so dupes but I challenge you to find a formula this natural-looking and easy to apply. I wear shade warm medium brown.

IT Cosmetics Concealer

This is so pigment rich you only need the tiniest amount (think the top of a pin!). Works best if your skin is well moisturized.

MAC Lip Gloss

Nothing beats the texture of this lip gloss - so creamy, but not tacky. I love the shade 'Oh Baby.'

NudeStix Mini Lip Kit

This kit is ideal because it mixes a variety of nude shades so you're sure to get a look that works for your skin tone.

Eyeshadow Palette

Such a lovely palette for the fall season! Try swirling 'Nooner' and 'Liar' on the crease and 'Buzz' on the inner corners of your lid for a fresh look.

Sunday Riley Good Genes

This is a mild but really effective overnight exfoliating treatment. No redness or irritation. Just smoother, softer skin in the morning.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

This is my last layer every single night, whether it's on top of Good Genes or my regular Retin-A. A great extra boost of hydration and glow.

Naturium Rice Cleanser

I bought this on a whim, and because it's so inexpensive, I had low expectations. But it is so effective I could truly write an entire post on it. It's a mild exfoliant that I use as my second cleanse. The result? Clean, bright skin that's not at all dry. Love!

Pixi Vitamin C Toner

It's sort of a cleanser but sort of a toner. Either way, it's a cult fave that I always have on rotation.

MAC Foundation

Excellent foundation when you want illuminating coverage that lasts. I wear shade 2NW-13. Hint: when choosing shades: C is Cool, N is Neutral and W is Warm.
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  1. Hi beautiful l, just a small question. I entered all your contest post. But some say one entry while another says 3 entries submitted?? I’m not sure what I did different. I follow on Instagram, like to know it, YouTube and newsletter.
    So was just curious.
    Anyway, it’s a beautiful jester and such a giving spirit.

  2. Love Ulta, so much in that store! Such a fun place to shop. Love your hair bouncy like this. Just saying…adorable????

    1. Good morning, I just was wondering, I’ve entered all the contest but some show 1 entry while one show’s 2… The one showing 3 say’s confirmed liked to know it, Instagram, email I think. I’m a follower of hers on everything, her newsletter, Instagram, stories, like go know it, you tube why wouldn’t all my entries show the same amount of checked off boxes? Just curious. Thank you????????????

      1. I just wanted to say how much I love your picture, your hair color in the Ulta pic with you putting mascara on up close!! so PRETTY ????????????????????????????????????

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