Your Essential Guide To Finding The Perfect Swimsuits Over 40

I’m not going to sugar coat it…shopping for swimsuits isn’t fun. It doesn’t matter what your age or body shape may be. It just isn’t ever a truly enjoyable experience, right? That’s why I always suggest buying swimsuits online and trying them on in the comfort of your own home. Finding a swimsuit your feel comfortable and confident in is key. Luckily, I’ve tried out a lot of swimsuits. Believe me, I mean a lot! And I’ve found the best, most flattering swimsuits over 40! By the way, if you don’t already know your body shape, make sure you read this post. Knowing your body shape will make shopping for your perfect swimsuit a lot easier. There’s also a helpful graphic at the end of this post that helps break down what’s best for different body shapes.

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Flattering Swimsuits, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of wearing a blue Becca one piece with plunge neckline in the Bahamas

1) Becca One-Piece

If you haven’t already tried the brand Becca for swimsuits, you need to! Most of the swimsuits are full coverage, sexy, and flattering. This swimsuit always sells out and restocks. If it’s not available in this exact color, it’s most likely available in another option. I have it in blue and black. The crochet details on this suit are super flattering and cheat the waist in to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

2) Best High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Another favorite by Becca…these amazing high-waisted bikini bottoms. I’ve had these for 4+ years and bring them on every single beach trip we take. The ruching is SO flattering and I love that they give me enough coverage in the back. The higher waist is also nice for anyone who wants to hide a tummy. I also love how they mix and match with all of my other swimsuits. The top I’m wearing is sold out but this one is similar.

Flattering Swimsuits, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of wearing a halter neck mesh overlay one-piece swimsuit by Norma Kamali in the Bahamas, swimwear for women over 40

3) Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

Norma Kamali is one of my favorite brands. This is the first swimsuit I’ve purchased from the brand but I love it! The exact color is sold out but it comes in black and white. Everything about this one-piece is sexy and flattering…the plunging halter neckline, the ruching, the fabric (comfortably) hugging the hips. It’s a little pricey, but a gorgeous swimsuit you’ll definitely feel confident in!

Swimsuits Over 40

For more swimsuit recommendations and inspo, make sure you check out my go-to brands… BeccaRobin Piccone, and La Blanca. These are ideal for women over 40. Not too skimpy. For bikinis, I love Vix and Vitamin A. These two brands routinely have less coverage, though. For help with what will fit your body shape, check out this post and/or the graphic below. If you still don’t know your body shape, start here.

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What is your go-to swimwear brand??? Do NOT keep that to yourself. Please share in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Your Essential Guide To Finding The Perfect Swimsuits Over 40

  1. Your comment brought back memories for me, Erin. I had my first babies at 30 and 32 and had a “surprise” at 40, making me Advanced Maternal Age. I told my doctor to please stop referring to me that way so she shortened it to “AMA” in her conversations. That surprise baby turns 10 next week and I’m so thankful for him.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. I totally get that. I didn’t like being referred to as “Advanced Maternal Age” or AMA…
      Thanks for sharing your story and happy birthday to your sweet 10 year old baby!! Erin xo

  2. You look amazing, Erin. Due to the decline in healthy eating in America, most teens and 20-somethings don’t have figures as svelte and toned as yours. Rock those swimsuits, young lady!

    1. I remember doing a story when I worked in TV news about type 2 diabetes no longer being an “adult” problem. Scary. Have you watched the documentary about the Sugar industry? Fascinating.
      Thanks very much for the kind words, Pam! Erin xo

  3. You look amazing. I have never looked that good in my life…not even at 22. Way to be fearless!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristy. I am definitely not fearless.
      But getting closer to that as I get older.
      I just don’t care what people think as much anymore…in a really good way.
      I do and wear what makes me feel good, confident, happy!
      Hope you are having a wonderful day! Erin xo

  4. You look amazing! Have you ever done a post on your fitness and eating habits? If not, you should.

    1. I have, Debbie!
      Thank you so much!!
      I used to do TA at least 5 times a week, but lately it’s been more like 2 or 3.
      I just try to grant myself grace. If I’m really busy, I cut it back, but when I can go all in…I try to…in order to maintain the muscle tone.
      I think maintenance has been the key for me so if I take breaks (or eat badly for a while)… I don’t fall apart.
      But, it’s a daily struggle especially now that my hormones are wacky. Trying to keep the tummy at bay is HARDER now!!

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